Don’t Hide Your Wins: How To Celebrate Your Success Like A BAUCE

As a successful woman in business, it is important to take time to celebrate each success you have.

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As a successful woman in business, it is important to take time to celebrate each success you have. This is not egotistical or a waste of time, in fact, it is quite the opposite.  By acknowledging career accomplishments, you build a strong foundation on which to create more success, acting as a motivator, creating a deeper wish to improve what you have and to hit future targets you have set.  It also pushes you to raise your own understanding of what is possible and ensures your current success remains sustainable and part of who you are. Here are some ways of celebrating your success like a boss.

Be yourself

Successful women in the workforce can proudly be true to themselves and become great leaders, the two are no longer seen as mutually exclusive. On your birthday, you have a chance to look back at what you have achieved. Consider a number of birthday gift ideas that you can present to yourself. Perhaps bold-colored jewelery or diamond earrings, that can be a material encouragement to other women in business to be successful by being themselves, and the power that has. 

Take center stage

Being public about success is not something often seen amongst women in business, but those who do are seen as incredibly successful. You should take responsibility for your achievement. If you do not take some of the credit, you cannot share credit.  Take a day off work and go shopping for a coat, pair of shoes or another item of clothing you have your eye on but have not previously felt you could justify the purchase. Dress to impress and feel empowered by your purchase.

Break the stereotype

In a society still, successful women are rarely perceived as empathic and kind but are stereotypically viewed as being political or too bossy. This means that many women feel they are caught between either professional success or personal fulfilment. By celebrating success, this judgement can change to make the world more equal for us and the next generation. Break the mould by treating yourself to a day drag-racing, rock-climbing or other fun activity.

Aim higher

Becoming motivated to achieve more means that you may be looking for additional assistance at work.  This could include something as simple as a power bank which removes any worry or doubts about whether your phone is likely to die in the middle of the working day. Choose a light, portable and chic version that suits your style. You may want a set of decent noise-cancelling headphones so that online teleconferences are much easier to hear, or perhaps a top-of-the-range coffee machines so that your mornings become much easier. 

Celebrate with someone you care about

Be spontaneous and celebrate with someone you really care about. This is not about sharing your success with co-workers, but rather acknowledging that you have received support to get where you are today. No need to make plans, just grab a table for brunch, go for a walk, jump into the car and visit a place you both enjoy and enjoy time together away from work, technology or other interruptions. 

Encourage further growth

The most successful people read hundreds of books a year. It’s not always easy to carry tomes around, so a Kindle upgrade or a gift card to an app that grants access to thousands of the non-fiction titles will inspire and educate. If you upgrade a tablet, make sure it has a large enough screen for you to use it in your free time to watch a movie or documentary series.

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