5 Health Mistakes A Lot Of Women Make

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If there is one thing that we all need to look after, it is our health.

If there is one thing that we all need to look after, it is our health. However, this can often be easier said than done. After all, there are so many conflicting reports, especially on the Internet. One article has you believing that you need to take a number of different supplements in order to benefit your health while another tells you that you shouldn’t take any at all. What do you believe? It is of little surprise that most of us are, therefore, doing things that are damaging to our health without even realizing it. With that being said, in this blog post we are going to take a look at some of the most common health mistakes that most people make today so that you can start making them.

1. Exercising too much

Needless to say, not exercising at all isn’t good for your health either! However, most people do not realize that exercising too much is just as damaging. They assume that the more time they spend exercising, the better. This could not be further from the truth. Exercising can be counterproductive to your fitness and health. This is because you can suffer abnormal hormonal changes, shin splints, muscle damage and a weaker immune system if you work your body too hard.

Exercising should certainly be part of your lifestyle but you need to make sure that you do not push yourself too far. Giving yourself enough time to recover is always a critical part of any exercise schedule. Some of the common signs that you may be training too hard include if you find it difficult to get to sleep, you are experiencing a lack of motivation, you pick up more illnesses and injuries, and you have started to notice a lack of progress.

2. Acting on medical information that has not been substantiated

A lot of people turn to the Internet when they have a health concern. In fact, this is something that is only becoming more and more common. While the Internet can give you some preliminary details, you should not rely on the web to diagnose your health issue and provide you with treatment advice. This is very worrying, especially when people turn to sources to self-diagnose their issue that is untrustworthy. You should definitely never follow an unproven treatment because someone online has recommended it. You do not know who this person is and it can be extremely dangerous to do something like this.

3. Drinking too much coffee

This is something that a lot of people are guilty of doing. After all, when we need a pick-me-up at work, we tend to turn to our trusted friend coffee. However, you have probably heard the saying that you can have too much of a good thing, and this is definitely the case with caffeine. Too much coffee can cause your body to generate too much adrenaline, which, in turn, means that you are going to be feeling constantly edgy, nervy, and alert. As a consequence, you may suffer from poor sleeping patterns and stomach upsets because your heart rate has increased. Plus, if cappuccinos or lattes are your coffee of choice, you are also going to be taking in a big amount of calories per day.

4. Not having the correct insurance policy

Whether it is travel insurance or medical insurance as a whole, such as Medicaid plans, you need to make sure you have the right policy for you, your circumstances, where you live. As there are so many different options available today, it is easy to see how mistakes are made in this regard. One of the most common mistakes that people make is taking out worldwide health insurance and assuming that they are covered no matter where in the world they travel to. It is easy to see how you would think that this is the case.

After all, it is called worldwide travel insurance. However, you do need to check the terms and conditions because all insurance policies come with a list of countries that are included and those that are not. For some countries, you may need to pay more for added insurance. Another mistake is buying a policy that is not suitable for you in terms of coverage, meaning you do not receive cover for health matters and issues that you should. A lot of people also make the blunder of setting their excess too high. They set their excess at a high rate because they want to reduce their monthly premiums. However, this means that you could find yourself in the dreaded position whereby you need medical assistance but your insurer won’t pay out because you cannot afford to cover the excess.

5. Smoking socially

A lot of people smoke when they have had a few drinks or when they are out with their friends only. You probably assume that having a cigarette now and again on a night out is harmless, right? However, you still stand a very high risk of getting addicted to nicotine. In fact, social smoking can be just as bad for you as daily smoking. This is according to a study that was published last year by the Million Hearts educational program at The Ohio State University.

So there you have it: some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their health. If you are guilty of making any of the errors that have been mentioned above, it is important to make some changes to your lifestyle. This is nothing for you to worry about, though, so don’t panic. Just make sure that you make the changes that are necessary to improve your health.

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