Working Girl Nails: 5 Shades That Are Appropriate For Work

Painting your nails is a nice way to add a subtle touch to your outfit. But, when you’re in the workplace you have to be careful which color you choose to accentuate your ensemble. There is a difference between making a statement and causing a distraction. Your nail color should boost your confidence and give you the added pep you need to make it throughout your day. Here are five nail colors that will make any girl feel fabulous and professional:

First up is nude. Nude is a staple color that every girl should have in their nail polish collection. You can’t go wrong with such a classic color. Nude shows that you are feminine and sophisticated so it is a great color to wear for business meetings and presentations.

Suggestions: Mudslide by Sally Hansen, Dulce de Leche by OPI


Next is red. Some people may shy away from red in the office because they feel like it is too bold, but red is a traditional color that is definitely appropriate for the workplace. What better way to say you’re confident and full of passion than at work, right? Plus, there is a shade of red for every personality.

Suggestions: Big Apple Red by OPI

White is a universally flattering color. It’s very classy and minimal. It goes with any outfit and looks exceptional paired with a navy suit.

Suggestions: Blanc by Essie


Power Pink. There are plenty of shades of pink, but you want to be sure to reserve the power pinks for work. These are the deep and mysterious pinks (raspberries and magenta) that show you’re all about business juxtaposed to the vibrant pinks that scream vacation.

Suggestions: Magenta Muse by OPI

Lavender is such a subtle, yet girly color that is always nice to have on your nails. It is a nice touch to commemorate the spring months and can be worn to business brunches.

Suggestions: Lie-Lac by Sinful Colors, Under Where by Essie & Play Date by Essie

Grey is such an on trend color, and for great reason. It’s a neutral color but it isn’t basic. There are so many different hues of grey, so you are sure to find the right tone. Grey means business.

Suggestions: Change Your Altitude by China Glaze


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