20 Women Illustrators You Need To Hire For Your Next Design Project

Debra Cartwright

These diverse and dope women illustrators deserve your attention.

There is nothing more powerful then women helping women – especially when it comes to business. Within the design industry, illustration is a segment that is typically dominated by men; so much so that the Women Who Draw directory was created earlier this year to help shed light on the talented women that are working in this field. Women illustrators are absolutely doing the damn thing, and they fully and respectfully deserve to be recognized for their hard work. We here at BAUCE have searched high and low for some diverse and dope women illustrators that we feel deserve your attention.

Whether you’re looking for different branding opportunities or just cool and artistic artwork to admire, these women are running the game (in our opinion) when it comes to the design department. Here are 20 women illustrators that you should consider hiring for your next design project.

1. Thandiwe Tshabalala

It would be really hard to generalize Thandiwe’s creative drawing style and ways of thinking into only one category. Her illustrations are then characteristically feministic and show the intersectionality that Black women and women of color face on a daily. While some of her work is deep and can hit home, a lot of it is fun as it relates to life and pop culture icons.


2. Maia Boakye

Maia Boakye is a Canada-based illustrator whose work is often inspired by the places she has been and the people she has seen. She is currently working on receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and Psychology.

3. Araki Koman

Araki Koman is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who currently resides in Paris. Her work is heavily inspired by the places she has traveled to and the diverse group of people she has met.

4. Noa Denmon

While her work is simple and sweet, most of her illustrations are far more powerful than meets the general eye. Noa Denmon is currently earning her bachelor’s degree in illustration.

5. Adesola Lasisi

Adesola is a fashion illustrator who lets her imagination take control in her illustrations. Her drawings are often things that she’d only courage wearing in her head. She is absolutely amazing at this drawing thing and you should definitely check her out!

6. Brette Sims of Stuk Designs

Brette Sims of Stuk Designs creates illustrations and logos. Her work tends to hold feministic values and help to shape brands for their marketing needs.

7. Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang, originally from mainland China, is an illustrator whose complex illustrations have been seen all around the world. She works mainly with advertising companies to create visuals.

8. Jiani Lu*

Jiani Lu is a pretty dope graphic designer whose work can be recognized in many places. She is based in Toronto and also has a niche for photography.

9. Monica Obaga*

Ahhh, the beauty that is Monica Obaga’s illustrations. Her work is simple, elegant, and tells a story that either you can or cannot find appealing.

10. Nicholle Kobi*

Her work is apparent in its efforts to celebrate and uplift women of color and our uniqueness. Focusing on the realness of Black women is truly what sets her apart.

11. Diana Ejaita*

Her illustrations are far more than creative or unique. It is almost in its own lane when it comes to individuality. Her use of African textiles is truly amazing and wonderfully done.

12. Becca Human*


Becca Human is a director and illustrator with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. Her work specializes in storytelling. You’re sure too see plenty of colors, shapes and objects in her work.

13. Nour I. Flayhan*

Nour is a Lebanese woman who has an appetite for travel. Her wanderlust has ultimately led her into the art that is illustration. Her work is unique and will take you on whimsical adventure.

14. Misha Zadeh


Misha holds a degree in graphic design and has made it her life’s goal, to be one of the best graphic designers. Her work is clean with beautiful schemes.

15. Lisa Romero*

With her background in illustration, design, and creation—you can tell Lisa puts a lot of thought into her work. While it can be seen as pretty, it is also gritty and real.

16. Natasha Jiwa*

Natasha is an illustrator based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her work is creative and artistic but still hold some simplistic value.

17. Geneva Benton*

Her work is what I envision when I think of Black Girl Magic. Literally. Her work is riddled with images of Black girls in their natural and magical essence. Geneva is a freelance illustrator located in North Carolina.

18. Jena Holiday

Jena holds many title underneath her belt. One of them being a designer and illustrator. Drawing has always been a passion of hers and she now does it full time as a freelance illustrator.

19. Elayna Speight

Elayna Speight is the founder of Inked Designs. As a graphic designer and illustrator, her work hardly lacks creativity.

20. Debra Cartwright

Last but not least, this Harlem-based illustrator is a force to be reckoned with. A University of Virginia and Parsons School of Design graduate, Debra has painted and illustrated inspiring projects for a variety of brands, including HBO, McDonalds and Twitter.

Looking for more fabulous illustrators? Art Girl Army has a ton of them! Art Girl Army is a collective of creative women that convene virtually and in-person to discuss all things art. Check them out here!

Featured Image via La Maison Boheme Blog

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