Will The Vaping Trend Ever Wear Out?

Vaping has become a hot trend in the past couple of years. More and more people have begun to opt for the e-cig rather than the actual cig and it seems to be doing well in terms of cutting down the statistics for smokers. Vaping is an equally sociable habit as smoking, but most public places do not allow vaping indoors. So what exactly is making this trend so huge? Is it purely down to the benefits of not inducing as much nicotine, or is it down to the fashionable look that vaping can bring. There are a vast array of e-cigs to choose from now, different sizes, shapes, colours, designs, it makes it too good not to try? Right? Let’s see exactly what the benefits are and if this trend should really be continuing for 2020. 

An e-cigarette works in essence, by utilising a heating solution, which is often the e-liquid (vaping oil) that usually contains nicotine, flavourings (fruity, sweet flavours), propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and the element inside the e-cig begins to heat up the oil and can be inhaled. The battery is charged and heats the element and this heats the oil in the tank. It is a simple concept.


It is believed that vaping is much more ‘healthier’ for you than smoking, but many e-cigs can infant have quite a big of nicotine in the vaping oils; this is something that you can research when you’re buying your e-cigarette. It is definitely a less toxic habit to begin, it does not, at present, have any long-term issues to worry about, and it seems to expel that horrible smoker’s cough. The benefits seem to lay at the door of the fact that there is no tobacco in an e-cigarette, meaning that it most likely does not negatively affect your lungs and does not tar them like regular smoking; this also means that it has no link to lung cancer. Smoking is linked to premature ageing, so it is good to kick that habit into touch as soon as you can. 

It is most likely a little cheaper also, to start vaping. The vaping oils last longer than regular cigarettes and your e-cigarette itself is a one off payment which is usually rechargeable via USB. Vaping also does not leave any lingering smells that smoke would do on your clothes, hair or breath. It will dissipate easily, there is no ash to contaminate anything and does not kill off or affect any taste buds which means eating may be much more pleasurable. You can easily pick up an e-cigarette, at vape kits uk.

Vaping itself is something that non-smokers may also try; however it seems that smokers who begin vaping, are more likely to start cutting down their cigarette in take and it proves a beneficial method to stop smoking. It still allows you to hold something in your hand, as you would a cigarette and still gives you a little nicotine burst; but you can slowly wean yourself off the drug until you feel able to stop vaping altogether, if you should wish. 


There is not a plethora of information yet known about vaping. It has not existed much longer than a generation to see the effect it has on the body and DNA. there may well be some substantial risks for vaping, but again these are down to the user. There have already been some horror cases reported, such as certain e-cigarettes blowing up during usage or when charging but this is most likely a manufacturing issue, which is an important reason why you must research the e-cigarette you buy and make sure it meets safety standards and that the model has had no other issues. Any e-cigarette that blows up may cause serious burns or damage to the skin.

Mis-usage of the e-cig may also prove fatal. If you ingest any oil or accidentally swallow any of the fluid, it can cause fatal poisoning. It is also isn’t fully proven that younger users will not vape as well as start smoking regular cigarettes.

It is definitely important to weigh up the pros and cons of using an e-cigarette but if well researched and used for the right reasons, they can be incredibly beneficial for people wanting to quit or cut down on their nicotine intake. So will the trend continue? Well, with mainstream vendors expanding to all corners of the Canadian market — including vape shops for the french speaking province of Quebec, we’d say so. There are no immediate dangers to vaping and it seems that the fun designs, cool styles, and patterns make it an even more exciting habit to attain. 

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