Why You Should Switch To A Non Toxic Nail Polish

Nowadays, there’s all that fuss for everything organic and natural. When you label something as organic and natural, you’re sure customers will buy it. Food, household supplies, beverages, and now even cosmetics are going the organic way too. 

How fitting that now, brands are also coming up with organic, safe, and non toxic nail polish. Given the bad rap that nail polish usually has for having so much toxic chemicals, this is now every girl’s sigh of relief! All-natural, vegan, organic, and non-toxic nail polish exists, so you don’t have to worry about frequently putting nail polish on. 

That said, this article presents you with everything you need to know about non-toxic nail polish and why you should join the bandwagon and make that switch.

A Brief Background On Organic, Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Nail polish is known to be one of the beauty products that may be small in size, but big on chemicals. This is how brands came to creating non-toxic, organic nail polish. As its name implies, it’s water-based and doesn’t contain chemicals. Not only are chemicals unsafe for the body; they’re also bad for the environment.

It’s for this reason that many OB-GYNs encourage pregnant women not to use nail polish. Among all the chemicals that it may contain, three of the most toxic are formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. These bring about risks both to the unborn child and the mother.

This is why organic and non-toxic nail polish came in as the healthier, more pleasing alternative.

The Reasons To Switch To Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Switching to non-toxic nail polish promises delightful benefits, such as:

Boosting Your Mood

Can nail polish really affect your mood? In some ways, yes. When you go back to color     psychology, colors can have a tremendous effect on one’s mood. The brain is naturally     tuned to react in different ways to the different colors that it sees. So, your nail polish can     have this same effect too.

Plus, it also has a lot to do with that element of self-care. When girls give themselves that drop of love, they tend to be in a better mood, as they’re happier, and they feel well taken care of. The only problem is that if you use toxic nail polish, then you can’t use it frequently. On the days that you absolutely feel the need to have nail polish, you don’t have to worry about the frequency when using healthier, non-toxic nail polish.

No Strong Odor

If you’ve gotten used to using nail polish regularly, you’ll find that there’s that really strong odor that comes along with it. The moment you walk into a nail salon, you inhale these harmful chemicals from the odor. You can liken this to the toxic smell from spray paint or paint used in car manufacturing plants.

Hence, it’s no surprise that regular exposure to nail polish may also lead to detrimental effects to the respiratory system. With non-toxic nail polish, this is absent. Because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, it doesn’t have that strong odor.

Protects Your Nails

A coat of organic nail polish protects your nails in a way that ordinary nail polish can never do. It protects your nails from daily wear and tear. Especially if your job entails a lot of physical work, the nail polish is more than just a beautifying agent. Rather, it can also keep your nails from peeling or breaking.

Apart from that, here are other ways that non-toxic nail polish can protect your nails:

  • It gives that layer of protection against the harsh weather, much like how sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays;
  • It prevents scratches due to exposure to abrasive materials;
  • It’s a great way to hide nail damage, while your nails are still healing.

Better For The Environment

If you’ve made that choice to live a lifestyle that’s more sustainable and environment-    friendly, then this advantage is definitely one for you to enjoy. Environmental problems,     particularly air pollution, happen because of the chemicals that pollute the air. If you     continue using many daily hygiene and cosmetic products that have high chemical     content, then you aren’t doing anything to improve air quality.

Because non-toxic nail polish is free from harmful ingredients, you know that you’re also doing your part – one beauty product at a time, to say goodbye to toxic waste.


In closing, it’s safe to say that many people are, indeed, becoming even more aware of the toxic chemicals that they’re exposed to every single day. When it comes to cosmetics and nail polish, these should beautify you, add color to your life (literally), and make you look better – without the nasties. It’s not worth it to be take in toxic chemicals in the name beauty. Why suffer that now when there’s a better alternative with non-toxic nail polish?

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