Why Sustainable Fashion Is Here To Stay

If you’re a bit into the affairs of the global fashion world, you’ve probably heard of the term “sustainable fashion”, one of the burning issues in the market, and it’s definitely good. Today, as everyone understands the significance and implications of purchasing clothing from the fast-fashion industry, more and more curiosity is emerging about eco-friendly fashion alternatives. From shoes to earrings, there are ways to create great looks in ethical ways. 

Sustainable fashion is in fact the antithesis of fast fashion. In this industry, the full life cycle of a product during production is taken into account – from the first stage of choosing the fibers to the production of the fabric itself, the textile production processes and the working conditions of the workers in the factories. Brands whose agenda is to produce under the definition of an environmental brand and according to existing principles will also emphasize the interaction between the manufacturer, the environment in which it produces, the workers in the factory and the community in which the production process takes place. Manufacturing clothing under this category of ethical fashion is not a simple process, but fortunately more and more brands are taking on the challenge of producing fashionable clothing that meets at least most of the criteria.

The big brands to watch out for

Big brands and well-known fashion houses have joined the trend and started producing collections that are considerate on the planet. They do this in a variety of ways, for example using only natural and perishable fabrics or manufacturing in factories that work under fair wage agreements. Take for example Adidas and Nike, which have been in the race for several years to make sportswear and socks made from only natural materials, without compromising on the quality of the product’s absorbency and weight. Another notable example is veteran designer Stella McCartney, who about five years ago began producing capsule collections from consumables and today her fashion house prides itself on its pioneering in the field of ethical fashion, with almost exclusive production of clothing from natural materials. In addition, McCartney prides itself on the fact that the company’s offices use only recycled paper, and a significant portion of its stores use electricity from solar energy only.

For those of you who have quality basic items do it, Aberline is the brand for you. The brand’s approach is to choose factories with the highest and most ethical work ethic in different places in the world, every t-shirt they produce, simple as it may be, is made in a factory with fair working conditions, adequate wages for workers, reasonable working hours and a decent work environment. Averline believes in complete transparency towards the customer and very much wants to cultivate a loyal relationship with their customers, just like their relationship with the workers in sewing shops all over the world. In order to cultivate this relationship with the customers, each Averlein product is accompanied by a booklet with an accurate explanation of the cost and production process of the garment, for example; How much did the materials cost, how much did it cost to sew the garment, where was the garment sewn, how much did the shipping cost, what materials is the packaging made of, etc. It’s time to step into sustainable fashion! 

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