Why Should You Visit The Planetshakers Church?


Are you looking for a place that has the willingness and heart to see every nation impacted with the good news that Jesus loves them? Planetshakers Church exists to ignite change and give you a heart for worship through an encounter with God. As you read along, you will know more about this vibrant place of worship. 

About Planetshakers Church

Planetshakers Church is founded by Global Senior Pastors Russel and Sam Evans together with a wonderful team of pastors and leaders to disseminate Jesus Christ’s message to the broken world.

It is a fast-expanding church gathered locally and around the world. Planetshakers Church has 6 local campuses in Melbourne, Australia, and 3 international campuses in Cape Town, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore. 

They are a bible-centered and passionate congregation committed to seeing people build life-long relationships with God through Jesus Christ. Also, they produce heartfelt praise and worship songs based on personal encounters with God. Their church band, Planetshakers Music, has a significant number of albums released. These songs contribute to people’s healings and breakthroughs in their lives.

At Planetshakers Church, you will experience God’s presence and power as lives are transformed, and communities are impacted. They believe that the greatest vehicle to touch and change the lives and hearts of humans with God’s love is through the local church. 

Brief History of Planetshakers Church

Planetshakers Church was formerly known as Melbourne City Church. It is a Pentecostal Christian church partnered with Australian Christian Churches and the Assemblies of God in Australia. It was founded in 1997 at an Australian Christian Conference. The conference commenced in Paradise Community Church, now Influencers Church in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Ministry Branches of Planetshakers Church

Characterized by power and presence, Planetshakers Church has two ministry branches.

Planetshakers Music

It was created at the first conference of Planetshakers Church. Planetshakers Music is a contemporary band that has seen a lot of success. They have over 30 internationally renowned albums, conduct annual band tours, and have been nominated for Dove Awards multiple times.  


Planetboom is the Youth Ministry of Planetshakers Church focused on ministering to high school students and teenagers through youth camps, school programs, and Friday meetups. Planetboom created Planetboom Band, which released 4 singles in 2018. 

Reasons to Visit Planetshakers Church

With an urban church feel combined with a relaxed neighborhood vibe, Planetshakers Church is like no other. You’ll get to experience something different in this church. Here are some reasons why Planetshakers Church is worth visiting. 

A Church for All

Planetshakers Church is a melting pot of diversity. People from all walks of life are welcome into their church. It is a place of worship where people of all ages and cultural backgrounds genuinely support and love each other. They are wholeheartedly committed to the church’s mandate of Empowering Generations to Win Generations. 

Dynamic Worship

You’ll experience dynamic worship that incorporates multiple music styles, high-energy preaching, amazing lighting, video technology, and preaching that will connect with your heart.

Transforms Lives

Planetshakers Church is centered on Jesus and the people longing to see the tangible presence of Christ in the auditorium during Planetshakers’ services. They aim to see people be radically transformed and committed to a life of purity, honesty, and generosity.


If you are visiting with your little ones, Planetshakers Church offers PlanetKids, a church for kids. PlanetKids aims to celebrate the champion in every child. They offer fun, interactive programs, and age groups may vary depending on the Planetshakers Campus you’ve visited. 

PlanetKids aims to assist your child in learning and prospering in a personal relationship with God.

What to Expect:

  1. Bible Teaching for kids
  2. Interactive games and activities
  3. Praise and worship experience
  4. Opportunity to encounter God personally
  5. Teaches them to receive Jesus wholeheartedly

PlanetKid Sunday Services are free of charge. If your child has medical conditions, you must complete a Medical Action Plan. All medications must be brought with them when you enter the program.


For the young adults out there, PlanetUNI might be perfect for you. PlanetUNI allows you to connect and be part of a multicultural community. They also host events to make your university years the best throughout the year. 

What to Expect:

Urban Life

It exists to provide empowering and intimate support and make connections with students. 

planetUNI Central

Participants from all university campuses are invited to get together with friends, enjoy fun foods, music, and games, and connect with other students. 

planetUNI Camp

This camp is an annual event held every September. Students get together for 3 days of exciting activities, workshops, and relationship-building. 


Planetshakers Church ceased to bring a vibrant experience of God’s love to this generation through worship, prayer, and unity in local churches. They change lives, cities, and nations as they spread the hope of the gospel across the globe.


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