Why Sharing Your Clothing Actually Helps You Save Money


Sharing clothing or renting out your clothes is a new trend nowadays that could help you save money. Aside from buying clothes that you’d only use once or twice in your life, you would only be renting it, and that would be very beneficial on your part because it is way cheaper.

Sharing is not an entirely new concept as there are many other services wherein people share or rent out houses, rides, office space, and the like. Check out the top 25 sharing economy sites where you can avail of sharing services or rent out your own stuff for some extra cash.

When it comes to clothes, there are more advantages to sharing clothing than just being able to save money. Let’s dig in.

1. It saves time

Shopping for the right dress or the right outfit could take a lot of time for you, especially if you’re the type of person who does not settle for mediocrity, and you expect nothing but the perfect look to stand out above others.

Shopping in the mall and entering many boutiques for your quest for the perfect look could take hours or even days, and that could mess up your daily schedule. That’s why a lot of people are recommending that you shop online because you don’t have to go through the hassle of entering a lot of shops. Instead, you just search for your preference and pick the outfit of your choice. It is pretty convenient. But there is another way for you to pick out your perfect outfit, and that is sharing clothing, or as it is more popularly known, renting clothing.

Sharing clothing is quite similar to online shopping: you choose between a variety of beautiful dresses and outfits, and the dress that you picked will then be delivered straight to your door. There are a lot of online stores like The Volte that lets you rent out your clothing. Some renting shops even deliver for free. The difference is you don’t own the dress that you chose to wear only once in your life. In that way, you could save money.

2. It frees closet space

Sharing clothes can not only save you money and time, but it could free up some space in your closet; thus, you could have a spacious closet. Clothes that you wear on special occasions tend to be bulky, and it could take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. It could lead to clutter since you’d only need to wear it once or maybe twice.

With renting clothes, you don’t need to buy clothes that you will just collect in your closet because you could wear a new dress every time a special occasion arises. And when you reduce clutter and space in your closet, you could feel free as you somehow just made your life a little more organized.

3. You could wear different outfits

Sometimes you get worried whenever you wear the same outfit again and again because you are afraid people might judge you for wearing the same thing, which might let them think that you do not have enough clothes in your possession. Well, that is pretty normal. In fact, clothes can really affect our mood and confidence. Whenever we are wearing the clothes that we love, we feel more confident when interacting with other people.

In sharing clothing, you don’t have to worry about repeating your outfit. For every special occasion that you want to dress up, you would have a new dress to wear from renting online. Not only could you wear different dresses for different occasions, but you could also try out new brands that you have never worn before. That way, you would even feel more elegant, and your confidence will get a big boost as well while wearing it for a cheaper price.

4. You can avoid wearing the same outfit that everyone may have

Sometimes you would feel bad about seeing another person in a party who has the same outfit you do. If that happens, you are no longer unique, and you do not stand out anymore, which many of us tend to give importance to, especially during parties or social gatherings.

Clothes that are shared or rented are usually limited editions and tailor-made; thus, you don’t have to worry about having a twinning moment in your event that you’re going to. In that way, you are going to be unique, and you are going to stand out.

Clothes are not only exterior pieces that you are required to wear. They can show everyone how you carry yourself and live your life. Clothes have risen to become a part of our culture, and it is essential that you wear the perfect one. You can save money through sharing clothes as you won’t have to spend on expensive outfits that you might likely wear only once. Sharing clothes can really help you pick the perfect attire while saving up space, time, and money.

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