Why People Love Living in the South

The South has a certain special something. From Alabama locals born ‘n’ raised in century-old Montgomery plantation houses to Yankee transplants leasing houses for rent in Columbus, GA, everyone who lives in the South learns to love it eventually.

But why? What is it about the South that sets it apart from the rest of the country? Why does it deserve to be called not just “the south,” but the capital-S South?

Sports (and Tailgating) are Serious Business

No one takes sports as seriously as a Southerner. Sports isn’t just a form of entertainment; it’s a way of life. It’s like a religion, and home games are the equivalent of Sunday Mass. Miss even one and you risk eternal damnation.

Of course, no self-respecting Southerner would ever miss a game. The only thing as important as rooting the home team is tailgating, which is serious business all on its own. More than just a way to kill time before kick-off, tailgate parties provide valuable bonding opportunities for family and friends.

BBQ, Grits, Sweet Tea, and Other Good Eats

Eating in the South is like making your way through the delicacies of a foreign country. There are so many unique food items that simply don’t exist up north. And on the rare occasions when the north tries their hand at them, Southerners just shake their heads and say “bless your heart.”

Why? Because they know you simply can’t make barbecue or grits or sweet tea the same way outside the South. There’s something special in the water here, and in family lineages who pass down one-of-a-kind recipes from generation to generations

Everything is Bigger, and Bigger is Better

Size matters, especially in the south. Everything is bigger here, from the portion sizes to the personalities. Southerners never do anything halfway, unless they’re adding an “and a half” to an already finished whole.

For some people, that kind of attitude can be a bit too much to handle. But for those who live in the South, it’s just an extension of truly loving life. Southerners try to attack each new day with relish and boisterous zeal. Overbearing? Sometimes. Boring? Never.

Southern Hospitality is Real and it’s Great

Everyone’s heard of “Southern hospitality” at this point. The thing is, it’s not a matter of being courteous or showing good manners. Southern hospitality isn’t about being polite; it’s about honoring the ties of community and appreciating your fellow man.

In the South, neighbors aren’t just people who live on the same road. They’re members of an extended family. What affects one person affects everyone. That’s why, whether it’s a hurricane or a flood or some other unexpected tragedy, Southerners always stick together and support each other.

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