Why You Should Never Settle For Less As A Black Woman

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You probably have a life in mind that you wish to achieve. It usually involves a house, car, lifestyle, and relationship – that to you is perfect. Often we dismiss these ideal images in favor of ‘settling.’

Settling is comfortable; it is accepting what you are given and doesn’t often require you to work too hard. Let’s face it, sometimes settling is calm and relaxing. 

Not settling involves work; it involves tenacity, it involves inner work, and more. It can be difficult, confrontational, and you might shed yourself a few times. 

But how can you never settle for less? 


It can be all too easy to say you can’t do something because of your family, friends, boss, or partner rather than to face the truth and realize that most often, we are the ones holding ourselves back. 

The saying is that where focus goes, energy flows. So it is time to stop making excuses and take a look in the mirror. What could you do right now to bring change to life? 

Listen to your thoughts. Are you talking to yourself about how unhappy you are with your work? It’s time to move forward. 

If you are thinking about how unhappy you are in your marriage? It’s time to call the spodek law group. Make moves that move you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


We typically have standards we set for others, those that we set for ourselves, and then the lowest bar we will settle for. 

If you tolerate less than you deserve, you will always get that less. Raising your standard can be difficult, and you must recognize that not everyone in your life will meet those standards. 

Most likely, in the quest not to settle for less, you will lose people. 

Having complete certainty in your skills, your ability, your future and your ambition is essential. It will give you the confidence to raise your standards and go for what you really want. 


Have a habit of slamming the snooze button? Leaving deep work until the last moment? Forgetting things? You have to create habits that are going to benefit you as you go forward. 

Creating a morning ritual is one of the ways that some of the most successful people thrive. They don’t get up at 7 or 8; they are up at 4 or 5. Tackling work, working on themselves. 

Work on manifestations, clear your inbox, prepare a nutritious breakfast. Even take the time to meditate. 

Create habits that really feed into your passion and creativity, and be prepared to make some difficult life changes in order to get better habits. 


You need to fuel your body and your mind. Contrary to what many believe, taking naps is essential. Rather than burning the midnight oil, rest and get up earlier. 

Read books from authors on your current path or those who have an understanding of your path or journey. 

Fuel your body and mind. Good nourishing food is also essential. 

Write down what you want, and don’t settle until you have achieved your goals. 

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