Eating Well: Which Diets Are Really Safe To Try These Days?

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As a woman, it can feel like the pressure from society to be on a diet is everywhere but luckily, more and more of us are developing healthier perceptions of our bodies which makes us feel less inclined to give in to this pressure. More information is also becoming available regarding the health risks associated with dieting, as well as the fact that it is more effective to make realistic changes to your lifestyle if you’re looking for real change. However, some diets incorporate this idea and can be a great guide on how to start living a healthier lifestyle, regardless of whether or not you’d like to lose weight. So with all the noise, which diets should, we follow, and which should we avoid?


The Atkins diet was designed by Robert Atkins in the 1980s but has come under scrutiny for the health risks involved with following it. The diet essentially consists of carbohydrate restriction, as this was seen by Atkins as being the key to weight loss. Instead, you are expected to eat a very protein-rich diet, but this can often lead to an excess of fat being consumed. According to Atkins, this was a good thing as one uses more calories to burn fat than to burn carbohydrates, which also meant that this diet still allowed you to eat plenty of calories.

This diet was extremely popular in its time, and many food manufacturers suffered losses as a result of a major drops in sales of their carbohydrate-based products, forcing them to bring out special Atkins lines. However, Atkins’ theories were soon disproved, and it was found that consuming   calories had the same effect regardless of the nature of the food they came from. Overdosing on fat can also put considerable strain on your heart which was a major concern.


WeightWatchers is one of the most popular diet programmes in the world and its success rests not only on the fact that you get motivation from having to attend regular meetings to see what progress you’ve made, but also because it allows for plenty of flexibility. The weight watchers diet uses a points system where each kind of food is given a certain number of points and it is up to you to make sure you don’t exceed a certain number of points in your daily intake. There is no focus on certain kinds of foods, so you get to choose what you eat which makes it a sustainable diet for most people.

Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is not dissimilar to the Atkins diet in that it focuses on a low carbohydrate and high fat intake, however, what you are allowed to eat is far more varied which lets you have a more balanced intake of food. It has even been proven to help those with diabetes and epilepsy as well as a variety of diseases. On the ketogenic diet, you can have seafood, vegetables, cheese, avocados, meat, eggs, yogurts, butter, cream, oils, nuts, olives, seeds, berries, and even Shirataki noodles. As well as helping you to lose weight if you want to, it also helps you to have a balanced diet rather than pushing your body to its limits. You can even get KETO supplements to support it.

It is important to carefully consider each diet before deciding which to try as some can do more harm than good. When making your decision, try to focus on diets that have plenty of variety rather cutting out important food groups.

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