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Areeayl Goodwin is a senior at Howard University who is using her talents to lift the hearts and spirits of others. Her creative artistriy in jewlrey making is gaining her some notoriety, especially since her most recent pieces have been featured in the Broadway play, “STICK FLY”. Goodwin launched her jewlrey line, Beads Byaree during her junior year at Howard and has been consistently creating bold pieces that draw attention and makes heads turn. Many of the raw materials that she uses for her pieces come from Africa, including Ghanaian metals, such as copper and brass.

She took on a more philanthropic effort with her jewelry when she created her first benefit line “Love for Congo” in the spring of 2011. 100% of the proceeds from the line went to help women surviovors of rape and civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her ability to use her talents in a business-savy way and to give back to others makes her one classy chick.

What inspires her to create these pieces? The sound of music.

“All of the pieces I create aren’t based off of one image or piece of inspiration. All the pieces I create are inspired by how I feel while I’m in the lab making them. I am most inspired by music. The type of music I listen to while creating guides the outcome of the jewelry,” Areeayl says.

Unconventional in designing, Areeayl is not one for notepads and drawings.

“I never sketch anything out, I am simply inspired by raw materials and music. Beads Byaree jewelry is a product of my imagination. I love to create abstract shapes and symbols. I started creating jewelry to get the designs I saw in my mind, out and into the world.”

1) Metik Earrings, long columns of aluminum wire, light weight.

2) Tower Earrings, Light weight, brass metal and turquoise bead

3) Mamas (Earrings): gold color aluminum wire with brass hooks. The profile of a woman with naturally kinky hair.

4) Peacock Low- Back Necklace: Necklace for Backless dresses. Brass wire, green glass beads and peacock feathers are used.

5) Heaven Earrings: Come in colors, black, white, navy, green, burgundy and gold. Aluminum spiral at the top of feather puff and brass hooks used.

Interested in getting one of these pieces? Check out Beads Byaree and stay connected for more info!

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1 Comment

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