5 Tips That Will Save You in Med School

Female doctor with mask on

Your whole entire life you’ve been playing doctor with your Barbies and shortly after college you’ll finally take that long (costly) leap to get the prestigious M.D. stamped after your name. Kudos on your ability to pass anatomy and all those other tough sciences classes (orgo anyone?) — but have you really thought through this life commitment? Remember, med school, as exciting as the journey will be, can actually be tough and draining. We’re talking long clinical hours, exams that seem impossible to pass, and residency pay that makes ramen noodles seem like a luxury. Don’t even mention the extra two to four years you may have to tack on to the first eight if you decide to specialize or become a surgeon. But winning the gold is never easy — which is why we recommend you share this great med school insight that we picked up at From a Wildflower.

From a Wildflower is a compilation of raw and real journal entries, from your girlfriend on the other line. It’s like chicken soup for the twenty and thirty year-old soul. A place where real women discuss real life candidly – without an Instagram filter. From A Wildflower aims to challenge us as women and as writers to be transparent in our troubles, to be confident in our curiosities, to be real with our realities, and to be raw about our actualities. #nofilter.

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