7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Relocating Across The Country

Moving to another part of the country or internationally is a stressful activity for most people. Everything from planning when to move, finding a suitable new home to rent or purchase, and all the other factors involved will demand much your time and attention too.

In this article, we look at seven considerations worth thinking about prior to relocating.

1. Is the New Place Larger or Smaller?

Whether you’re planning to move into a larger property or downsize to something more compact to reduce expenses, the physical act of packing and relocating is still very involved.

You may choose to sell your furniture if you’re listing your home and moving into a rental. It’s also possible that the furniture is dated enough that you prefer to buy a new sofa and other pieces rather than transport everything at considerable expense.

Whatever you decide, they’ll still be plenty of possessions that need transporting from your old home to the new place. In which case, a reliable moving company like Phillips Moving & Storage who can help with both office and home moves may be worth contacting. One of the things that makes this company so popular is that they can assist with any packing that you may need – including the supply of the actual boxes to save you having to find them yourself!

2. Are There Enough Employers in the Region?

When changing cities, it’s important to ascertain first whether there’s a vibrant business center or not? It’s also relevant to question if there is a cluster of the types of companies that need someone with your talents.

For instance, if you work in technology then only certain cities will offer a ready supply of potential employers nearby. This is also true of some other industries which tend to be based in certain parts of the country and less so in others.

It might be useful to visit a regional or local jobs fair to talk with companies and get a better feel for the jobs market there. Even looking at the website for a recent jobs fair which lists the companies that exhibited the previous year provides a good indication and further research opportunities.

3. How’s the Seasonal Weather?

Not everywhere has fair weather all year round. Some places get snowed in during part of the wintertime, making roads into work impassable. Other regions might experience more frequent storms, which have an impact on trade and what companies can operate from there.

Along with the weather, consider air pollution and whether it’s acceptable to you. It’s something we often forget about but if it’s an area that’s traditionally been industrial with factories or power plants nearby, then the air quality might be marginal.

4. Is the New City More Expensive?

There are differences between cities when it comes to living expenses.

A property to purchase or rent can be more (or less) than you’re used to. If it’s in a colder climate, then energy costs during the wintertime are going to spike significantly compared to the moderate winters that you might be used to.

The availability and cost of transportation including parking spots is also a relevant question too as most people must travel into work and get home afterward.

5. Is the Vibe or Activity Level What You Prefer?

If you’re someone who likes the outdoor life sitting in the backyard or frequenting cafés to people watch from an outdoor table, is the new city convenient for this?

For foodies, having a highly rated collection of restaurants to try out is great, but are there enough to keep it interesting for repeated date nights? If there’s an emphasis on certain types of cuisine, is this emphasis to your liking or a foodie turn-off?

If you enjoy hitting the clubs on a Saturday night or participating in other activities that you love, will the new city offer enough excitement that you’re used to?

6. Do You Make Friends Easily?

Are your friends all old ones from decades ago or are you gregarious and making new friends all the time?

When moving to a new city, it’s like starting from scratch. You’ll still be able to call people back home, but it will become more strained the longer it goes without spending physical time with them. How will you develop friendships in a new city?

7. Are You Open to Change?

Do you accept change willingly or fight it every step of the way?

This is an interesting point because with any move comes many changes along with it. Even when just moving across town, the local neighborhood is different, where to go shopping, the gyms that are closest to you, and more. Even a small move brings considerable changes. It’s always recommended to research a good NJ moving company before you take the plunge.

As you can tell, there’s more involved with a significant more or relocation nationally or internationally than is often expected at first. Therefore, it’s one of the more stressful things to happen unless you embrace it and roll with it. However, once you’ve settled into a new place, then there’s plenty to explore and enjoy from new experiences too. That makes it totally worth it.

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