We’ve All Had Bad Sex – And Hated It

Love making or steamy sex makes us smile because it’s utterly amazing. Your body tingles from excitement and you are ready to have the time of your life. Then you hop into bed and afterwards you find yourself staring at the ceiling wondering what just happened and how come you aren’t cheery. We have all had that one bad sexual experience that had ready to run out the door and never come back!

Every single woman interprets differently what good or bad sex is. Generally, bad sex would mean you did not like it all and caught yourself wondering when it will be over. Great sex is supposed to be exciting and leaves you breathless, so to speak. Either you were quick to leave the bed to do something else or quick to fall asleep because you were too tired to leave the bed.

Communication is important. The ability to express our dislikes and likes helps us stay comfortable with sex and who we are doing it with. If you have never experienced an orgasm, how are you going to get the big O if you do not speak up and let your partner know?

First, collect all your thoughts and words and sit your partner down for a talk. To take the pressure off him, you can bring it up in side conversation and randomly mention something that you like, or do not like. Maybe the both of you can sit down and watch an explicit video together and critique what interests you. These are all visual and vocal ways to speak up. Another good method is to be straightforward and say “I like when you do this.” It’s very direct and cannot be misconstrued.

It is hard to use “bad sex” as an excuse to leave a relationship. Some things, unfortunately, you cannot just speak out without hurting the other person’s feelings. If your partner isn’t as well-endowed, the best thing to do is to decide if you can work with that or not. If you can, there are plenty of sex positions to discover that work well with this particular issue. If you think it won’t work, then you have to break the news with honesty.

In some relationships, sex is vital to keeping the chemistry strong and the desire everlasting. This makes you excited to see your lover. Having good sex releases good hormones, called oxytocin, that brings the two of you closer together. Sex should not exactly outweigh love but it will definitely strengthen the passion you have for your lover.

If your lover truly cares about pleasing you, he will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and want to continue having sex with him. He will ask whatever questions or think of whatever ways to make sure you are satisfied by him.

Always look into new ways to spice things up if you think it is bad; there is always a way to improve. If you have a partner who doesn’t take the time to kiss your neck right then there are going to be more spots left without a kiss in the near future. If it’s clear that your partner is not taking your advice to please you then you have to say enough is enough. Having a satisfying sex life promotes a better connection and improves communication. Plus, good sex makes you joyful and free spirited; why not make sure you have a good time with your lover?


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