5 Beauty Supply Store Hair Brands That Won’t Turn Into a Tangled, Matted Mess

Does your weave need a lift? Weaves are a great way to protect your natural hair and give you a glamorous look that lasts for days. But beware of what you buy! With the plethora of new hair companies, you want to be mindful of what products you spend your money on. What looks good in the box could end up being a hot ratty mess. Here’s our top five recommendations for human hair weave extensions. We’ve also included our favorite virgin hair weave brands.

1. Indique Virgin Indian: Amongst the most popular with celebrities, this hair is chemical free and acts and looks exactly like one’s own hair. It can be styled in any way (cut, colored, washed, and even permed) and after all of that is done, the hair still maintains its healthiness and shine. This hair is a bit pricey but it is actually a steal considering that it can be reused for up to a year.

2. Sensationnel Goddess Remy: The Goddess hair collection may be the most well-known throughout local neighborhoods and hair salons. Goddess hair is one — if not the most — of the long-lasting weaves on the market. Any type, style, and color that you need, Goddess usually carries, making it the most versatile brand around. The best thing about this hair is that it is super affordable and made with very high quality. It’s bounce will capture eyes.

3. Sensationnel Bare N Natural Indian Virgin Remy: Bare N Natural hair is one of the most exclusive brands of hair because it was once sold privately. Now this high quality hair is readily available to the public and known for maintaining consistency and hygiene with each piece. The best thing about this hair is that it is that it’s produced in its most natural state so it is very easy to manage (heat and water) and it has a natural look and feel.

4. Extensions Plus: Extensions Plus is an internationally known product and one of the most respected brands in the industry. These hair extensions are ready-made for any style and very realistic. What makes EP such a popular line is that is caters to women of all ethnicities and backgrounds with hair bought by Italians, Indians, and African Americans (even the Kardashians wear this line). With carefully stitched tracks, this weave brand makes their product flawlessly and one can tell that these extensions were probably carefully hand-made meticulously. A bit pricey, but worth every penny.

5. Cuticle Remy XQ: Last but not least, Cuticle Remy XQ is a relatively new line of hair. It is used with advanced technology so this hair sheds and tangles less than all of the others. This hair is bold and shiny and can be reused many times. It is considered the healthiest in its class because it has been preserved this way. Unlike other hair, this brand is only sold in Yaki form, which is best used for women with African-American hair types.

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Tired of beauty supply store brands? Go for the gold and try virgin human hair hair from an online vendor. It is important to do your weave research because very few brands offer sampling of strands before you buy. Our personal favorite for virgin hair are UNice Hair, the International Hair Company, and Catherine Marion.

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