3 Waterside Vacations You Should Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Waterside vacations were on the rise last holiday season, with 34 percent of vacationers reporting that they intended to rent out waterside accommodations, according to Vacasa. Tranquil getaways near picturesque bodies of water have yet to lose their appeal to most people. If you’re undecided on where to go next vacation season, consider these three waterside destinations.

Waterfall Lodge in Scotland

Situated in a private estate in the Scottish Highlands of Perthshire, Waterfall Lodge is a cozy getaway overlooking Loch Tay. Its balcony boasts a spectacular view of Loch Tay’s north shore. Steps lead down to the adjacent waterfall and cascade pool so you can take a dip in its rushing, icy waters. The waterfall serves as a natural white noise machine for when you are enjoying the view on the balcony’s hot tub. In addition, Waterfall Lodge has a sauna, as well as a gravity cycling route for those who are more athletically inclined.

Lake Bled Private Beach In Slovenia

Often considered the world’s most photogenic lake, Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s prized natural wonders. Its serene shores can bustle with activity even during the off-season, but there are a few areas sectioned off for those who want to enjoy the lake in solitude. Such is what a certain lakeside cabin provides. It comes fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor deck. There are also bikes kept outside that guests can use free of charge. A mere 15-minute walk from the nearby town, this cabin is situated on the perfect spot for an undisturbed swim in the lake’s pleasantly cool water. However, keep in mind that since this area is meant for those who want to be alone, there are no lifeguards. Always remember the major drowning risk factors to keep yourself and your companions safe even if no one else is around.

Caru Cabin in France

The southwest of France is another area famed for its waterside retreats. Caru Cabin is one example that is prized by many as a romantic getaway unlike any other. Located in the Terre et Toi resort in the Dordogne, Caru Cabin was hand-built on a wooden platform looking out across a private pond. It has all the trappings of a hidden honeymoon venue, such as a rustic wood-fired stove and sun deck. Skylights fill the cabin with radiant sunlight during the day, and paper lanterns to set the mood at night.

A well-deserved break is vital in maintaining your mental health. Even better if that break involves an escape to a waterside that relaxes the body and refreshes the soul.

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