4 Things You Are Doing Right Now That Is Keeping You Broke AF

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Hustling hard is just as much about saving money as it is making money.

The education system is wack. It has to be. All that time, focus and hard-up energy is focused on getting you the best grades so you can go to the best school and land yourself the best job because being rich is all about making paper, right? Wrong. Hustling hard is just as much about saving money as it is making money. It’s about realizing that you’re wasting cash on stupid things – the sorta stuff which proves you’re throwing stacks away.

There are no two ways about it. You’ve been wasting money while on the pursuit of riches and that, sister, has gotta stop. So, without hanging about any longer, here’s proof you’re not as innocent as you might think.

1. You’re Still Buying Brand Names

There’s no point pretending all home brand and generic names are as good as their premium-priced alternatives, but most of them are identical. Aspirin, cereals, milk, chocolate, bleaches, toothpaste, spices, almost everything is identical, bar the price and packaging. So, if you’re still out there buying branded bits when you could be saving big, it’s time you checked yourself.

2. You’re Paying More For Insurance

We all do it. We all fall for the traps and pitfalls set by insurance companies. Take your car insurance for example. You’re leaving the grocery store and have a small fender bender. It’s only human. But instead of reporting the $900 worth of damage to your insurer and risk seeing your premiums rise through the roof, you fork out for the damage yourself. We get it, but why have a $500 deductible if that’s going to be the case. Whatever insurance you’re getting – car, health, house – raise your deductibles and you might save 20%.

3. You’re Still Going Solo In The Unknown

If you’re stepping into a world you know nothing about and there is potentially huge sums of cash on the line, drop your pride and ego and the door and ask those in the know to help you. Take the world of law. It’s convoluted and overly complicated. So instead of going up against an experienced member of the bar after being involved in a clip and run, get some injury lawyers on your side to maximize your compensation payout. The same goes for planning your future. Speak to a financial advisor, a portfolio manager of a pensions expert. They’re going to boost your chances of getting more money. Period.

4. You’re Still Not Bargaining

Everything that has a price tag slapped on it can be bargained. Everything. Sure, that’s what they would like to sell their something for, but they’d rather get your business for something than getting nothing. It could be your cable TV package, your car insurance, the appliances you buy, the hotel room you are booking – anything expensive can be haggled down. But what’s more, it barely takes a few seconds to ask the question, state you’re taking your business elsewhere and then reap the rewards, which tend to be hundreds of dollars worth of savings.

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