Want a Stallion Booty? Kenya Moore’s Trainer Reveals How to Firm Up Your Rear

Season five of the Real Housewives of Atlanta featured new characters from near and far – among them was the former Miss USA Kenya Moore with all of her gone-with-the-wind fabulousness. Beyond her divalicious personality (“twirl!”), Moore’s body also stole the stage as she went head to head with another Atlanta housewife over the production of a fitness workout video. There’s no denying that the former beauty queen works hard in the gym – and she’s inspiring other women to be gone-with-the-wind fabulous too.

nickiveal2Nikki Veal is the smiling fitness guru and certified trainer who guides Moore through a series of exercises on the tape. In this Bauce of the month interview, Veal shares how she became a fitness lover and reveals tips on how any woman can take extra steps to score a body like Moore’s.

Bauce: How long have you been training other people?

Nikki: I’ve been training bodies and changing lives for 6 years now. The very best part about doing this health and wellness lifestyle is seeing the very direct impact that getting fit has on our confidence and self-awareness. It’s amazing how strength in the gym will translate to every area of our lives.

Bauce: What attracted you to fitness? How did you become a trainer? 

Nikki: I fell in love with training once I experienced the mental high from a great workout. Depression was an area I hid and overcame through the euphoria of an amazing workout. Using this wonderful natural drug to train myself into positive thinking. At times it may have been delusional but it’s better than feeling mentally icky any day!

Bauce: Many people say that nutrition is 80% of having a fit body. What should women eat to achieve a fit body like Kenya Moore’s? 

Nikki: Food and the gym is a total marriage. You need both. Kenya’s tight defined figure is achieved by understanding and being fully committed to both. For most of us we know and are completely aware if what we are eating is fueling our dream body or a mere craving. The biggest blunder we lil’ ladies make is skipping breakfast. It truly is the best way to dictate how your body will accurately burn food for fuel for the entire day.

Bauce: Are there foods that can help firm up or plump up the booty? If so, what are they?

Nikki: There is a secret food weapon to round out the assets and tighten the thighs. I’m going to share it with you but don’t tell anyone else. It’s…protein! Okay, so it’s not an amazing discovery, but very seriously, many of us aren’t consuming enough. Protein will assist in building lean tight muscles, which will eliminate jiggle and keep all our bits and pieces up and right where they should be.

kenyamooreBauce: What are the top three exercises you recommend for women to firm up their rear?

Nikki: Here are my three:

  • Squat — pitch perfect form of course! Total glutes hit. Yay!
  • Speed Skaters — cardio and tightening the sides of the glutes. This is my “favorite jeans will slide up without my spastic dance routine” move.
  • Stallion Signature Move — lower glutes hit and tighten front of the legs (Quads). This screams, “My rear is totally at attention!”

Bauce: What are three things you thing woman should avoid if they want to tone their rears?

Nikki: I’d love to share the simple truth that adding some weight to your lower body movements will only improve your muscle definition and tightness. Bulking up and looking unfeminine won’t happen from adding a lil’ something-something to that smith machine.

Bauce: How can women tone up flabby areas of their body?

Nikki: Not that it’s us, but it’s summer and some areas are still jiggling. What shall we do? Should we run our lil’ hearts out till the jiggle wont wiggle?? No, sweet pea. You’ve done a fabulous job getting that weight down through all your cardio and now it’s time to tighten this ship up. Body weight moves are great to start off with and then graduate up to the weights. You’ll become tone and svelte!

Bauce: What moderate exercises  would you recommend for someone who wants to stay fit but doesn’t want to sweat too hard?

Nikki: So I just got my hair done but I dare not miss a work out. What to do, what to do???  I suggest to slow everything waayyy doooowwwnn. Focus on deep contraction throughout the positive and negative of each movement. Not only will you eliminate most to all sweat but it will give you a wonderful time to connect the mind to the specific body part you’re working. Resulting in a deeper squeeze and a hotter body.

We put Kenya Moore’s “Booty Boot Camp” to the test and we will agree that it does a great job at targeting in on the rear and providing movements that will tone and tighten everything up! Ready to put yourself to the test? To purchase the DVD, visit Acacia Lifestyle.

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