3 Huge Signs that You Need to Start Eating More Vegetables

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Eat more greens.

Believe it or not, your body has its own way of telling you that you need to start eating better. You may not always see or acknowledge these signs, but they are most certainly there, and by paying attention to them, you can be sure to give your body the boost that it needs.

Brain Fog

If you can never seem to remember what day you have to go to the doctors on or if you keep on doing silly things but you just don’t know why then you may have a vitamin deficiency. A Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead you to experience an impaired brain function and you may even find that you can’t concentrate either. Alcohol can lower your level of Vitamin B12 so it’s super important that you limit this while also doing whatever you can to try and get more fruit and vegetables in your diet.

You Feel Like Trash

If you feel like trash then you need to look at your health, fitness , and food. Sure, everyone has days when they just don’t want to get out of bed and this is completely normal. If you feel like this every day however then this could be a sign that something is wrong. You may be low in vitamins and iron, so this is something that you need to take into account. If you have a vitamin deficiency then this can also affect your mood. If you want to try and turn things around then try and focus on having plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables. This will boost your iron levels and it can also help you to have way more energy during the day as well.

Your Nails

If you have been trying to deal with brittle or even dry nails then no amount of lotion will help you here. The problem is probably down to your diet. If you want to try and help yourself here then you probably need to boost your calcium level. Of course, it also helps to boost your fruit and vegetable intake as well, as this can really help you to give your body the boost it needs to start repairing little things like this. If you want to boost your calcium then you need to focus more on having more cheese, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products. You could start seeing a difference in as little as a couple of weeks and this is a great way for you to really start to take back control of your life.

So there are plenty of ways that your body tries to tell you that something is wrong, and by taking the time to pay attention to these signs, you can start to look after yourself more. If you are still struggling to get the vitamins and minerals you need then one way for you to get around this would be for you to take vitamins, but it’s important to know that nothing will ever compare to them in their natural state so do keep that in mind.

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