Be A Beautiful Bride: Top Wedding Beauty Trends For 2019

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Focus on these details to make your special day glamourous.

Just like wedding dresses, bridal makeup and hair trends are always changing. Just this year, we have seen a number of makeup trends, including Meghan Markle’s natural makeup paired with a low bun. Here are the top wedding beauty trends:

Glossy Lips

Many brides are letting go of matte lips and satin finishes in favor of glossy lips. Whether you are going for a bold makeup look or something simple, wearing lip-gloss in shades of peach or light pink will add some youthfulness to your look. Moreover, lip-gloss is ideal because it will not stain your lips or teeth all through the day as lipstick does.

Whether you are wearing a simple or intricate dress, an understated lip will match it.

Wavy Hair

Whether you are wearing your hair down or in a bun, wavy locks are in fashion right now. Tight, tousled, or textured, you can achieve a glamorous look by letting your hair fall in waves. If you are planning to wear your hair down, you should choose a wedding gown that accentuates your bust.

If you are self-conscious about the small size of your breasts, you should explore your options, for instance, lifting your breasts. In addition to lifting your breasts, a mastopexy can lift your confidence, too, as you find you look better in clothing, and your shape is more balanced. You can find here more information about breast lifts in Henderson NV.

Natural Makeup

Since the big royal wedding, more brides are opting for a natural makeup look. If you have freckles, you can choose to let them shine instead of hiding them under layers of concealer and foundation. You should not be afraid to stick to earthy tones when it comes to makeup and to leave the red lipstick behind.

With a natural makeup look, you will let your natural beauty shine in front of friends and family as you say ‘I do’ to the love of your life. If you plan to hire a makeup artist, you should explain the kind of look that you are going for in order to avoid confusion.

Spray Tan

Have you always wanted to have a bronzed look at your wedding? You can get a spray tan to make your skin look golden without getting any UV rays on your skin. If you do not want your pale skin to look washed out, you can complement your wedding gown by getting a fake tan. Make sure that you run a test patch several weeks or months before the wedding to find the right color for your skin.

Smoky Eyes

You should complement your beautiful complexion with smoky eyes. However, you need to stay away from the panda-eye look. Just highlight your upper eyelids with a delicate shade such as pink or plum. When going for the smoky eye look, you should not forget to wear some long lashes to make your eyes pop.

Statement Hairpiece

Floral headpieces are still trendy. This is a good thing because you have a variety of styles and colors from which you can choose. Moreover, it will be easy to match your hairpiece to your wedding gown. If you prefer tiaras and crowns, you can wear them on your wedding day.

Low Bun

An understated low bun is the best way to show off a low neck on your wedding gown as well as your jewelry. Instead of pulling your hair into a simple updo, you can ask for a twisted-style bun to match a vintage makeup look. With a low bun in place, you can wear a statement necklace to show off your neck.

The above trends are all the rage right now. However, you should not follow trends blindly – you need to think about your wedding theme and consider your tastes and preferences.

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