Top Video Trends For 2020 That You Should Utilize For Your Brand

Video trends are always changing and evolving, and, in 2020, this is no different.

Videos that are created for the purposes of social media are continuing to grow in popularity and will prove to be even more important over the next few years.

Whether you enjoy Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok (or perhaps a combination of all 3), if you want to market yourself or your business, you need to remain ahead of the game when it comes to the latest video trends.

Let’s take a look at the top video trends for 2020.

Video processing tools

When it comes to processing videos, the good news is that there are now more tools than ever before that are available to you.

You can choose between free or paid versions of these tools to create the perfect videos for your needs.

Even if you choose to use free video processing software and tools, you will still be able to create the most amazing video clips that will be suitable for sharing on your favorite social media platform.

Many of these tools do not force you to keep their unsightly and ugly watermark, and they often don’t have a time limit for your video.

Although a free video processing tool will be more basic than a paid one, it is still a powerful tool to use and will allow you to seamlessly edit your video clips. Examples of features offered by free video processing tools include screen filter application, playback speed adjustment, and more.


We can personally recommend WeVideo as a great video processing tool as it offers you the option of creating a wonderful video very quickly and with little fuss. They have some fantastic features, such as a green screen for a classy and very professional look.

The best part of WeVideo is that you can edit your videos easily without having to wait for ages to upload them. In addition, there are many different formats to choose from so that your video really pops on your social media platform or website.

Take a look at WeVideo’s website for more information on this excellent video processing tool.


Fastreel is another very popular and high-quality video processing tool that comes highly recommended.

It allows you to edit your videos in a fast and simple way, and you can even use one of their hundreds of video templates if you are stuck for inspiration.

Suppose you want to compress a video, cut it, make a slideshow, or crop a video. This can all be done with Fastreel, and the result will be a professional, social media-worthy video that you will be proud of.

Check out Fastreel’s website to find out more about their great video processing tool.

Top trends in video effects.

Just like fashion, video trends are always changing and what was popular 2 years ago is not necessarily still popular today.

Below are a few examples of what is very popular in terms of video effects:

1) Thin outlines and lines

Thin lines are incredibly popular at the moment. Adding in a thin line to your video gives it an elegant yet clear style that shows the world that you are a professional.

Thin lines can be added in many different ways and can transform the look of your video from something quite ordinary and boring to an exciting and interesting one.

2) Cinema graphs

If you have not already come across cinema graphs, where have you been? Cinema graphs are a great combination of video and photography.

Although many people confuse cinema graphs with gifs, they are actually quite different. Gifs tend to be more animated, while cinema graphs are more static, apart from one key element that will repeat itself in an interesting and continuous loop.

A great example of the use of cinema graphs is the moving images that you can see in the famous Harry Potter movies.

We highly recommend using cinema graphs as top companies, like Chanel and Netflix, are currently using this video format to create unique and esthetically pleasing content for their social media platforms.

3) Isometric animation

Isometric animation is a great feature to add to your video as it depicts 3-dimensional, key elements within only 2 dimensions. This gives the object much more perspective and introduces more excitement into the video.

The result of isometric animation is beautiful isometric graphics that can perfectly showcase your product, business process, or service. It combines elements of simplicity together with the use of colors and objects to make an innovative and modern take on an otherwise boring video.

4) Long-form video formats

Over the past few years, people have taken to social media to tell their stories in the form of videos. This is known as a long-form video format and gives you a great opportunity to connect on a deeper, emotional level with your audience.

The long-form video format is very important in 2020 because customers want to feel that they can trust their brand before buying from them, and this kind of format allows them to do so.

Research has shown that people who use a storytelling format to their videos are much more likely to gain more clients and, ultimately, more business and profits. If you are in need of a good video editing platform, then consider InVideo.

These are the latest trends in video, and we would love to hear from you as to what you currently use! 

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