5 Top Trending Themes To Try For Your Next Party

You’ll spend time and effort when planning for your next party. Regardless if it’s for your children, family members or friends, you want this party to be memorable for all the right reasons. You can achieve this goal by following a theme for your next party. Aside from being aesthetically unique, your next party can introduce new and fun activities to your guests once you have a theme.

You’ll have a wide variety of options when it comes to picking a theme for your next party. You can basically follow any theme regardless of your budget and the celebrant’s interests. But if you want to take it up a notch for your upcoming party, here are some trending themed events to try!

1. Viking-themed party

Living the life of a Viking during the medieval period can be interesting and fun as you’ll be able to fight mythical dragons and travel using huge ships. If you think this is something your celebrant will enjoy, host a Viking-themed party. You can start by looking for a Viking war horn to be used as decorations and even as cups. You can also decorate the venue with party banners, create Viking hats for your guests, and ask them to wear Viking costumes as well.

Everyone can dress up as Viking warriors or ordinary citizens. Viking men typically wore tunics and trousers while women wore long dresses with pinafores. Their clothing was usually made from wool, linen, or animal skins. When dressing up as a Viking, don’t forget to accessorize with leather belts, brass buckles, and brooches.

For games, you can let your guests draw a beard on a Viking while being blindfolded, or let them guess characters from Norse mythology through a game of charades. If you have extra time, put all of your food and drinks in a table that’s shaped like a Viking ship complete with shields on the sides.

2. Unicorn-themed party

There’s just something about pastel colors that can make anyone feel good. Different shades of yellow, green, violet and pink can be a perfect theme for any woman who likes to celebrate their parties in style. If your celebrant is known to have a loud and colorful personality or is a child who wants to relive her unicorn life, go ahead and organize a unicorn-themed party for them. There are different party favors with unicorn prints that you can easily buy today. You can buy plates, cups, cake toppers, banners and even balloons in line with your unicorn-themed party. If this unicorn-themed party is for a child, provide unicorn headbands and tutu skirts to all of the girl guests.

3. Ocean-themed party

Oceans, regardless of their size and location, are beautiful, providing a vast and wonderful habitat for all sea creatures. If the celebrant shares the same fascination for the ocean, organizing an ocean-themed party for them will be perfect! To achieve this goal, start looking for balloons and decors in blue and green shades. Create jellyfish, seaweed, and place them on the walls, too. You should also serve food that are appropriate to the ocean theme, namely fish and chips, and fruits of the sea. The key to achieving a great ocean-themed party is maintaining blue and green colors all over.

4. Tropical or flamingo-themed party

The beach can be a great place to relax and relieve yourself from stress. Frolicking in the sand while enjoying the salty wind can be the perfect getaway. If you want your party to have this kind of ambiance, go for a tropical or flamingo-themed party. This kind of party usually has decorations in different hues of pink to represent the flamingo, and banners in green to showcase the coconut trees that are usually found on beaches.

You can also opt to serve a cake that is designed like a flamingo, cupcakes with flamingo toppers, cups with flamingo straws, and fruit drinks with flamingo labels. You can even give out invitations with flamingo prints to properly set your guests’ mood. Organizing a tropical or flamingo theme can be perfect for your next summer party. If it’s an adult part your guests may be interested in tropical gin.

5. Zoo-themed party

Children, adults, and anyone in between are usually fascinated with different kinds of animals. They would usually have pets in their home who they consider as their family members. If your next party is for someone who loves animals, organize a zoo-themed party. All you need is a green backdrop (preferably one that has leaf prints), and different animal cut outs. Cupcakes designed with animal faces and drinks in animal prints can be a perfect fit for this kind of party. 

Choose Carefully

Choosing a theme for your next party can be overwhelming because you’ll have a lot of options. To make this process easier for you, pick a theme that best represents the celebrant and if you’re the one organizing the party, a theme that you don’t mind working on. A themed party will require time and effort, so make sure that you’re ready to give all of these.


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