4 Essentials That Will Make Your Summer Party The Talk Of The Town

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BAUCE women know that you’re only as strong as your network which is why being out and about during the summer isn’t just about the fun, but it’s also about connecting with new people in social atmospheres. If you are struggling to meet new people that could help you level up, consider throwing a summer soiree and asking friend to invite someone you have never met before. This presents an exciting new opportunity that will push you to get better at promoting who you are in an authentic and sincere way.

However, to get people interested in coming you are going to need to plan a summer party that is worth attending (and worth talking about). Not sure where to start? Keep reading to discover the best elements that will guarantee that your get together will help you attract new friends and leads at the same time!

Memorable Setting

After being cooped indoors all winter, most people live for being outside in the sun and under great weather. We highly recommend hosting your summer party outdoors in a posh but comfortable setting. Consider building an above ground pool in your backyard. Check out shops like Discount Pool Supply for your desired pool kits. If you don’t fancy a pool party, you can also rent an Airbnb that allows you to host events in a nearby neighborhood or in a gorgeous local park. Private locations will obivously allow for a more intimate and premium setting, however a public outdoor location will allow you to accommodate for unexpected guests (which if you are looking to make more connects, this could be a good thing!).

Amazing Music

Without a doubt, music is critical and key to keeping your guests engaged and happy. Depending on your theme or setting, choose music that is fun, dance-worthy and puts people in a good mood. If you’re having an outdoor setting, make sure your music can travel with you. We highly recommend this portable Bluetooth tailgate speaker for your outdoor party so that your sound has bass and won’t get drowned out by all the people around you. Need help curating a list? Spotify has great pre-made playlists that you can browse through, including this glow-up playlist that will boost your #blackgirlmagic!

Creative House Rules

How often have you gone to an event and found people glue to their phones the entire time? Unfortunately, social media and mobile devices are a distraction (and hiding spot) for people who are shy, disengaged or have social anxiety. Plan in advance to make sure that your cultivating an environment that is warm, inviting and stress-free. Before your party starts, send out an email with creative and clever house rules. You could ask your guests to put their phones in a lock box for an hour to force them to be present or you could ask your guests to share preliminary information beforehand so you can appropriately match people with newcomers when they arrive. Do this and you’ll definitely be considered the plug.

Mouthwatering Food and Drinks

No one wants to come to a party and just stand around and look at each other. Give your guests something to talk about by starting with the food. Instead of cooking a mass amount of full-size meals, opt for fun appetizers and beverages that you can give clever names to. Adding “titles” to your dishes makes for great conversation starters and promotes a fun vibe where people don’t take themselves super seriously. Suck at cooking? Take a look at these awesome Pinterest food recommendations or consider contracting a local caterer to help!

Do you have great tips that have made your summer soirees successful? If so, comment below!

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