3 Resolutions You Don’t Have To Wait Until The New Year To Start


With Christmas fast approaching and people already getting into festive spirits with Christmas shopping and putting up their decorations many of us may already be thinking about the new year and what it’s going to bring.

For a lot of us, the new year is time for resolutions and the time that a lot of us embark on a journey of breaking bad habits. But is it too early to start thing about these now? No! Of course not! The key to succeeding when it comes to breaking habits is to be organized and have a clear plan in place. People who plan are often more successful than those who just wing it. 

Here are some huge bad habits that most people think about quitting when a new year rolls around. We challenge you to not wait on your commitments!

Too Much Drinking

Although the festive season often entails a few nights where we overindulge, we shouldn’t be making it a habit to continually drink ourselves to a hangover. It’s definitely not good for your health and let’s face it, not a very pleasant experience for anyone. It can be far too easy to go overboard so it’s important to know and stick to your limits when it comes to consuming alcohol. Heavy drinking has been linked to diseases, unintentional injuries, and weight gain, none of which we need any time of the year let when we want to enjoy the festivities and family get-togethers. If you ever feel as though drinking is a problem for you or anyone close to you it’s best to seek professional advice and help. 

Stopping Smoking 

Ok, so stopping smoking can be a difficult task for even the most determined of people, however, the benefits that come with stopping definitely outweigh continuing. By stopping smoking you’re going to improve your health and it’s even possible to reverse some of the damages that it does to your body. By stopping you’re giving yourself the chance to improve areas such as your lungs and stamina. Although it hasn’t been proven that e-cigarettes are any better for you, smokers who have embarked on quitting have sometimes used these as a way to help with bad cravings and aid them with quitting. They use them alongside e juice in different flavors to help them on their way to stopping altogether. 

Constant Change In Diets 

It’s that time of year where people tend to jump on and off the latest fad diets in a bid to look their best for all the pictures and evening out. These diets can often be really restrictive and unrealistic so therefore people fall off the wagon quickly. They then decide that they’re going to have a little time ‘enjoying’ themselves before getting back into another quick fix. Referred to as yo-yo dieting, constantly changing your diet is not good for you and it can cause more damage than good. In fact, yo-yo dieting has been proven to make it more difficult to lose weight and successfully keep it off, with many people gaining more weight and therefore increasing their weight instead of achieving their goal. Instead, focus on living a well-balanced healthy lifestyle

These are just three of the habits that you could add to your list of news years resolutions this year. Please share your new year resolutions in the comments below. 

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