These 6 Essentials Are Key For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

You can’t make money if you don’t feel good inside.

For most, watching your health and keeping it in good condition is classed as a priority. We all know that sleep, exercise, your environment, and diet are key factors to watch out for but do we understand why? We are constantly advised to eat better, exercise more, look after our mental health and skip on things like smoking and drinking.

There certainly is a lot to take into consideration when trying to be healthy and it can be easy to slip up and go off track once in a while. Have a look below at some of the areas that need your focus in order for you to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Your Diet

It’s no secret that eating the right diet is supposed to keep you healthy, we’re often told that the key is all about the food you consume and now your daily recommended dose of fruits and vegetables is now 7 items per day. This can be off-putting for some but it doesn’t need to be. Try including them at meals and snacking on fruit between meals and your intake will soon add up. As soon as you start to do this you will see and notice a difference in how you feel. Our bodies crave and need a good diet which includes: 

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Good Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Water

It’s all about getting the right balance. However, it is still possible to live a healthy lifestyle without cutting out everything bad, you just need to do it in moderation. This means you don’t have to say no to that piece of cake, just don’t eat it every day. If you do overdo it you risk gaining unnecessary weight and putting your body under stress which can result in bad skin, higher cholesterol, higher risk of disease and feeling sluggish.  

Often you will find that people eat unhealthily because they are uneducated and misinformed when it comes to what it takes to have a healthy diet. Keeping an eye on your weight and researching things such as your BMI can give you a good indication of whereabouts you should sit as a healthy adult. Although some people disagree with these and it should only be used as a guideline, each person is different, being healthy is what matters. You could always seek help from a medical practitioner if you’re concerned by your weight. Something else that people look at is having a test completed that identifies foods that you should avoid and foods that you each plenty of based on your DNA. 

Regular Health Checks

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is to take an active approach to monitor it. If you don’t keep an eye on things how are you going to know if something needs changing or improving? It’s a good idea to have a regular check-up at your doctors, weigh yourself a few times a year, check your cholesterol and BMI. This way you will be able to tackle any serious problems with things such as proton therapy centers Sooner rather than later. If you’re a woman, it’s also important to make sure you take women’s health seriously and go to the annual checkups that you need. 


Another crucial aspect fo a healthy lifestyle is your sleep. Too much or too little can both be bad for your health. It not only helps you to feel good it can also make you look your best too. It’s proven that having enough sleep will keep you healthier, give you more motivation when it comes to things like exercise and it can help you to be more productive. Yes, at times it can be difficult to make sure you’re allowing yourself time to sleep especially if you have children or a busy lifestyle but it’s important to try and get the right amount as often as you can. There are plenty of sources online that can help you to track sleeping patterns and tools such as smartwatches have a sleep monitor included that records the different stages of your sleep cycle each night. These can be fantastic for reminding yourself to get ready for bed and also getting up a reasonable time.

If you ever have trouble sleeping for an extended period of time it’s best to seek medical advice. Having enough sleep can help you to achieve clearer skin, become more hydrated, improve your metabolism and give you fewer bags. All positive factors. Why not try setting yourself a sleeping target for a few weeks and see if you can see the improvements? A major factor as to why people don’t get enough sleep is often the environment they are trying to sleep in. Trying to sleep after using technology, watching tv or in some cases leaving the tv on through the night can lead to interrupted sleep and problems actually getting to sleep. You should create a calm, relaxed environment where you are able to naturally drift into a slumber.

Regular Exercise 

Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s just walking to the shop rather than jumping in the car or completing an exercise routine at the gym, working some sort of exercise into your daily routine is important. Exercise has the ability to make your metabolism work properly and better. It’ll also help you to convert the food you consume into goos energy as well as keeping your physically fit and looking healthy. Although it takes a certain amount of energy to complete exercise it can also give you more energy to complete your daily tasks especially if you work it into your daily routine. It will lead you to feel more confident and also help you to get a better night’s rest.

Sometimes getting the motivation to exercise can be difficult this is when you could try completing the exercise with family or friends. Go to an exercise class together or arrange a family hike at the weekend. Not only will it help you to have the support but you will also be supporting the people you care about in their mission to live a healthy lifestyle too. 

Getting your children involved in exercise is a brilliant way to promote a healthy life for them. Plus completing the exercise in front of them or with them will serve as a good example. Your not only benefiting yourself by getting them involved you are also teaching them about the importance of balance between exercise and diet, but it’s also important to show them that it can be fun and easy to do. 

Mental Health

An area that most will forget about when thinking about a healthy lifestyle is your mental health. It can have a big effect on your health so looking after this can lead to your living the best lifestyle possible. You should have a think about how you are feeling in yourself on a regular basis. If you find that you are getting stressed by small tasks such as work or family life then this can have a massive effect on your motivation or lead your bad eating habits. It can even have a negative impact on your sleep especially if you have things on your mind that is preventing you from sleeping. Keep an eye out for any warning signs that this is happening and you should be able to tackle it when it’s small rather than it leading to a bigger problem. Remember it’s ok not to be ok and it can happen to anyone, what’s important is being able to identify it and get the support you need.


Yes, your environment can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. It may seem like a bit of a curveball included on this list but it’s just as important as the rest if you want to stay healthy. You should be making sure you’re living in a fresh, clean living space and you are maintaining the integrity of hygiene levels. If you live in a messy, dirty environment it can be a really easy way to create bacteria and germ which can lead to you being ill and having a low immune system. On the other hand, it has also been said that if you live in too clean of a space you aren’t allowing your body to build up a strong immune system and end up poorly more often. It’s a good idea to complete regular cleaning including things such as: 

  • Having clean worktops including under chopping boards. 
  • Clean your washing machine and dishwasher. 
  • Unplug any drains
  • Clean your carpet and wooden flooring. And if you happen to have hardwood flooring, be sure to check out this list of vacuums designed for hardwood floors.
  • Remove any dust bunnies from under furniture. 
  • Changing and washing your bedding, it’s wise to have a few sets to rotate. 
  • Hoover and clean your mattress. 
  • Clean and hoover your car. 

Maybe think about dedicating a day of each month to do a bit of spruce around the house. Rotating some of the bigger jobs will make it much more manageable. 

This is just a short guide to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Do you have any other tips that you can share in the comments? 

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