Top 10 Websites To Find Freelance Translation Jobs

Working remotely has already become a casual thing all over the world and has brought its advantages and downsides to the table. While working from home might be really tough on some people, most employees seem to enjoy attending to their professional duties from the comfort of their humble abodes. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of working from home is the huge amount of time it saves. Another great thing about it is that you can always stay connected, thanks to the power of the internet that becomes widely used today by more and more people at an extremely fast pace. All of this leads to the conclusion that combining full-time and freelance jobs have become much easier, meaning that there are more opportunities to earn more.

Why Bother with Freelance and Translation?

There is a vast number of reasons to bother with both, yet, you should at least consider the former because it does not oblige you to work all the time but still provides some income. In addition, you can find more creative freelance jobs, control the amount of work you do, and get some extra cash before the major part of your salary. Finally, considering everything above, freelance is very much compatible with the full-time job, so picking this mode of work is essentially a win-win situation.

As for the latter, translation, this business is quite flourishing as the demand for translations steadily grows and it provides a great space for outsourcing. Lots of people do need the best accurate translation possible and, at the same time, a lot of great translators work remotely or as freelancers not only for private persons that find them through their network or the general freelance platforms (like Upwork) but also for the big companies. So, if you’re a professional translator, there’s a lot of opportunities for you today. Just check out some of the hottest platforms to get a freelance translation job in 2020.

TheWordPoint. This platform has been an absolute leader not only from the customers’ perspective but also from the freelancers’ standpoint. According to PickWriters, this platform provides the best translation on the web and treats its translators with respect. Certainly, the best place if you search for the most optimal choice of freelance translation jobs.

DayTranslations. Another great platform that offers generous rewards for its freelancers. At the same time, the jobs you’ll find there will very likely be interesting. The only issue is that sometimes there might be a temporary lack of jobs leaving you with no work to do.

Gengo. Quite a fair platform that is not overly demanding regarding the deadlines, which also offers some generous reward. Yet, be careful, although the company won’t hurry you up, you might get fined if you submit your work too late.

Rushtranslate. Living to its name, the platform is very demanding regarding the deadlines, yet, might not even tell you if you have a couple of minor errors. As for the reward, it’s fair enough and lies somewhere in the middle. One of the greatest disadvantages is a rather weak and slow support team that might not always react immediately even if you have an urgent request.

TranslationLine. This platform is remarkable for offering quite interesting jobs, like video game localization for a decent reward, of course. Yet, just as with the previous platform, TranslationLine has some issues with the support team and might fine you without warning, albeit justifiably in most cases.

OneHourTranslation. Offering translation jobs in over 15 industries, this platform is also a great choice for any freelance translator of any level. However, although the reward you’ll be getting with OHT is generous, the policies of the company regarding the deadlines and revisions are strict, so be sure to submit your works all checked and on time.

Rev. A relatively new name on the market, so be sure you’ll work with a highly professional team with great support. The company might not be demanding regarding the quality but it does demand meeting the deadlines and rewards generously.

StrakerTranslations. Quite a unique platform as it offers you an option to work with machine translations as well. Aside from translating texts and documents from scratch, you’ll also have to edit the machine-made translation for quite a fair reward. Yet, you have to provide quality work as the company’s main priorities are professionalism and precision of the translation.

TransPerfect. A great choice for the certified professionals, the company specializes in document translations, so be ready for seeing that kind of work often. The company pays rather generously, yet, is very demanding regarding the deadlines, so don’t be late while working with them.

Translated. One of the oldest platforms, Translated operates since 1999 and has managed to find a proper approach to its customers and translators alike. Some of the drawbacks of the company are that it has a relatively weak support team and might be overly demanding regarding revisions at times.

Limitless Opportunities

The list of the online translation agencies that offer great jobs for the freelance professional for a fair reward goes on and on. We live in the 21st century, so there are always opportunities for everyone. The main thing is to know where what, and how to look. You have to understand what exactly you’re good at, what kind of reward you expect, and how you solve your problems should any arise. Combining a full-time job is as easy as it only can get today, so don’t miss your chance to make extra cash on your weekends.

About the author: Mark Blackwood has managed to make himself a career by traveling a lot and being able to capture the essence of things he saw and experienced. His other major trait is the ability to share his experiences with others in an understandable and relatable way. A small piece of advice from Mark is to do what you love but don’t forget to love what you do.

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