Time to Go Commando!

Black-Lace-Underwear1My coworker’s daughter recently had a brief stay at the hospital. She shared that her 4 year old daughter was adamant about wanting a different type of hospital gown because it was showing her panties. My cowoker also shared that her daughter was adamant about her packing extra panties to bring to the hospital.

We laughed and then reminisced about our own panty problems. And by problems, I mean everything from always packing more than needed for vacations (2 pairs per day), stashing an extra pair in the clutch for those “late nights”, and of course the infamous pantylines.

What we didn’t talk about was pantyless problems. And by pantyless I mean no panties – the oh so brave going “commando.”

Every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to vent the vajayjay, and not just at night between your sheets. You can and (should) get some air down there between your 9-to-5 if you’ll be sitting down all day. It’s actually good for you.

Let’s think about it. If you go commando you…

  • Don’t have to worry about panty lines. I know some people will recommend wearing thong underwear to avoid panty lines, but sometimes these create bulges around the waste and lower abdominal area. However, no panties means no nothing — lines or bulge.
  • Allow for air flow which helps decrease risk for yeast infections.
  • Decrease in sweatiness which helps decrease odor
  • Increase that sexy feeling, even for you shy Bauces. It’s that knowing that you’re doing something you’re “not supposed to do” that can make you feel a little bolder than usual. A bold Bauce is a sexy Bauce.

However, if you go commando you should also know…

  • Going pantyless with pants can increase chaffing as the skin in our nether region is particularly sensitive and thinner than most of the skin that covers much of our bodies.
  • Just shaving and going commando is also no-go. Again, the skin is sensitive and needs protection from heavier fabrics such as denim or wool.
  • It’s easier to contract pubic lice — yes, those nasty things called crabs. Although the lice are most often transmitted during sex, it can live on other surfaces. If you wear a skirt while going commando and sit on an infected surface, you could easily contract crabs.
  • Commando with a tampon is a negative. According to several gynecologist, when using a tampon, our vaginal opening is more exposed, allowing bacteria to enter and trigger bacterial vaginosis or a urinary tract infection.

Lastly, if you want to make that bold move, and leave your undies in the drawer, please keep in mind…

  • Hem lengths. Avoid wearing dresses and skirts that rise as you sit, or rise as you dance, or rise as you walk from your office to the elevator.
  • If you even think it’s about that time of the month, don’t even think about not wearing underwear. Especially given that as stated above if you prefer to wear tampons your vaginal opening is more exposed and can increase your contraction of various venereal diseases.
  • The importance of keeping it clean. And well, let’s be honest even with panties, you should be keeping it clean.
  • Avoid going commando in light or sheer fabric clothes, for what I’m hoping are obvious reasons.  But if they aren’t, sheer and light fabrics will give all access passes to your privates to people (like everyone you see from the subway stop to the line in Starbucks) who don’t need (or want) it.

Go ahead and change it up. Be a little naughty while looking nice. Embrace your bold Bauce and just do it.



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