Three Young Women Breaking Barriers in Their Chosen Fields

James Brown may have said that “This is a man’s world,” but things sure are changing. Today, more and more women are taking on roles that used to be dominated by their male counterparts, which is a good indicator that the world is now more open to equality. The success stories of some women who are dominating in their chosen fields are very inspirational, and here are three of them.

Jolijt Tamanaha

JolijtEven before receiving help from Prosper – an organization that’s designed to fund, train, and mentor women in the entrepreneurial community – Jolijt Tamanaha was already a successful entrepreneur. She co-founded Farmplicity, which is a company that allows restaurants to directly purchase locally grown produce, meat, and fruit from farmers. Through the Farmplicity community, hundreds of farmers have enjoyed an increase in sales. In 2014, however, the founders of Farmplicity decided to sell the business to Sunfarm Food Service – a business that supplies food to local restaurants, caterers, and hotels.

Thanks to Prosper’s funding, Tamanaha was able to become an entrepreneur again. She now works in a company named Champio, which is a startup that created an app where company employees compete to share moments that can be posted on social media channels to boost a firm’s database of followers.

Lizzy Kelly

Lizzy Kelly is one tough woman. There aren’t a lot of female jockeys in the world (there are onlyLizzie-Kelly-with-horse-Tea-for-Two five women professional National Hunt jockeys to be exact) who are aiming to compete in some of the biggest horse racing events of the year like the Grand National and the prestigious Cheltenham Races. To those who don’t know what Cheltenham is, it’s like the Super Bowl of horse racing events that are attended by millions of racing enthusiasts annually.

Rising star Lizzie Kelly took part this year, going head-to-head with her idol Tony McCoy, a jockey whom she has idolized ever since she set her sights on winning the races, when she originally turned professional.

Aarti Parikh

318049Aarti Parikh co-founded KiteReaders, a company that design and distributes e-books and kid-friendly apps for children aged 3 to 8. KiteReaders’s e-books helps millions of children around the globe read properly through stories that are filled with life lessons and fun activities. The company had its big break when it formed a partnership with major international companies such as Hallmark and Disney.

Even before co-founding KiteReaders, Parikh had been a computer genius that had helped design programs for Yahoo! and McKesson Provider Technologies.

There are many women out there who continue to succeed and use their talents to progress humanity’s future. Do you know inspirational female leaders that are trying to change the world but aren’t given much attention by the media? Share their stories with us in the comments section!

This post was written by Laura David for Prosper Loans. 

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