This Is Why You Should Not Start A Business With Your Romantic Partner

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Owning a family business can be powerful but there are many stories that prove that in 90% of cases lead to arguments. Relying on each other seems convenient and always works out well because you two love each other and care for each other’s needs. However, when it comes to sharing money, being selfish and wanting everything your way, kind and sweet attitudes to each other quickly disappear. If you have been dating online, then seeing each other once a week, then meeting every day, then moving in together, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same work. If you have serious intentions, don’t mix it with work.

Want to know why creating a company or opening a store usually leads to people in a relationship becoming single again? Avoid the mistakes that we are going to discuss in the article. Review the list of common problems that most couples face when trying to build up a career together.

Lack of understanding

When making a business, it’s impossible to avoid disagreeing and compromising. Working with your spouse will not allow you to be completely honest and complain because you care for the person’s feelings. Prosperous business required being honest and knowing all the problems. It’s really difficult to separate professional and private relationship. Once you start having misunderstandings and miscommunications at work, you won’t feel as comfortable spending time together off work since avoiding topics on the professional matter is almost impossible.

Seeing each other 24/7

There are so many free online dating website that match girlfriends and boyfriends with similar interests and habits. If you were lucky to meet someone who has similar professional goals, then you are likely to come up with some good business plans. However, dating and working together at the same time will soon make you tired of each other. Sharing the same bed, having breakfasts together, traveling to work, solving problems concerning your business ideas and spending free time together after work will become annoying very soon. Instead, you should give each other space and let each other enjoy doing things on their own. This way you will miss each other and will look forward to spending time together again.

Dating doesn’t remind you of a fairytale anymore

Business involves serious conversations, being dependent, responsible, and very honest. What will make you feel separated is trying to make more of a profit. Money can change people. It may happen that you will choose a better deal over your wife’s or husband’s opinion or preference. You will constantly challenge each other which will turn you off. Losing trust, becoming cold and turning into enemies are consequences of working with your spouse. Discussing work in the kitchen, in the bathroom, when going shopping and on vacations will soon make you two hate your work or each other in the worst-case scenario. There will always be requirements and expectations, plus you have to take all responsibilities when your partner takes days off or is feeling sick. You may also pass your partner’s responsibilities to your colleagues and you will see that they won’t be happy.

Your expectation are rarely met

Being too kind to staff will never bring to positive results. Naturally, you will expect your partner to treat you nicely, help you and cover you but your plan won’t always work. Couples who worked together say that their expectations have been rarely met plus their efforts were rarely acknowledged. What can become a real disaster is that you will have to fire your beloved or you will be fired because one of you doesn’t do well to make a business grow. Do you remember the phrase “Don’t hire if you can’t fire”? It all looks very nice and positive in the beginning and you think that doing the same thing with your spouse has advantages only but as the things go and you face challenges, you will get into troubles.

Turn online dating into a romantic dating in real life and keep it this way only. Having a pet, child or building a house together is a much better thing that will certainly make you feel closer to each other. Don’t allow money to ruin your connection. There are plenty of dating platforms for straight, gay and lesbian singles which help people find potential partners, chat, and meet in real life. Love is not logical, so it’s best not to overload it with such responsibilities. Let love motivate you to do things like traveling together, building a house, or raising children. Becoming a boss for your spouse or family member won’t bring you satisfaction in the most enjoyable department of your life which is love.

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