Some say the “thinner is the winner.” Well, let’s ask ourselves, is the thinner woman really the winner? Many websites that offer advice on having an eating disorder, thinspiration websites, would say absolutely. It is absolutely sickening.

If you type in the word “Thinspiration” into Google search, several blogs featuring emaciated supermodels and celebrities, advice on how not to eat, and lists of quotes to encourage someone along the way to so-called “perfection.” Social, family, work, and school pressure, to name a few, have caused many women to turn to eating disorders. Yes, eating disorders are mental diseases, but how dare there be websites that condone them and encourage people to further worsen their eating disorders or encourage people to start having one. These websites sensationalize the serious disease as if it was the new “thing” that everyone needs to try; like it’s that new fad diet. Eating disorders should be taken seriously because there are thousands of people that are truly suffering. Eating disorders are not just about food and weight; they are usually a part of depression, insecurities, and feeling out of control. The problem with these websites is that they stress that eating disorders can be a lifestyle decision. They believe there is no shame in listing the steps on how to induce vomiting or how to use laxatives. They must say, “Oh, no big deal…you’re only killing your digestive system by throwing up, but you’ll be so happy you’re skinny.” Reality check – it is a big deal.

In 2010, French model, Isabelle Caro, died while battling anorexia at the age of 28. After her death, a thinspiration website posted a picture of her with a caption saying, “Die young. Stay pretty.” While many women are battling the disease, these websites sensationalize death by the means of eating disorders. People that turn to these websites to just lose weight really need to think twice about what they are doing. Anorexia comes with several effects including, anemia, kidney failure, bone loss, brittle hair, and death. Bulimia can cause intestinal problems, mouth problems, esophagus tears, and stomach bleeding. Essentially you are killing yourself. The question I would like to ask the people who made these thinspiration websites is, how in the world is this a good lifestyle?

Really, what irks me the most is that these websites are extremely disrespectful to those who are actually suffering from eating disorders. With an extreme matter like this, there is no room for posers or copy-cats.

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1 Comment

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