8 Exciting Activities That Are Perfect For A Las Vegas Girls Trip

Girls trips are empowering vacation that allows for bonding and strengthening friendships. There are many destinations perfect for a girls trip, it all depends on what kind of trip you want it to be. Las Vegas has been a sought-out destination for those who want to have a fun-filled vacation with exciting activities in a vibrant city.

Las Vegas is one of the best affordable cities to travel to. When it’s your first time in Vegas you can feel overwhelmed with all the activity and possibilities available. Whether you are in a large group or a small one, you want to make sure you have an idea of what you would like to do while in Sin City. Everyone knows that Las Vegas is about casinos and gambling, but there is much more this city offers, from amusement parks and museums to historic landmarks and architecture.

You will definitely see a lot of things happen and will be surprised every day you embark on a new adventure at how vibrant this city is. Las Vegas can be a vacation destination where you can relax, but it is not likely you will spend your entire trip inside doing nothing. There is too much to offer. On your first trip to Las Vegas with your girls you want to have a variety of fun, so here is a list of things your group can do while vacationing in Sin City.

1. Photograph the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

One of the most touristy things you must do while in Las Vegas is capture the famous sign. You could take a photo in front of it and post it to Instagram like a travel photo. This sign isn’t hard to get to as it starts off the infamous Las Vegas Strip. Visit the sign at night to see the cool colors and lights.

2. See the Bellagio Fountains

One of Las Vegas’ most famous landmarks is the Bellagio Fountain. It sits just outside the Bellagio hotel and romances you with beautiful water shows. During a show, the fountain is accompanied by lights and music to help mesmerize the audience.  This is a must-see for you and your girl’s group as you spend time on the strip. The performances that take place are all different each time as the fountain dances varying combinations every show.

Many people enjoy watching the Bellagio Fountains and deem this a must-see for tourists and Las Vegas locals. You can have a seat to enjoy the show or stand back and watch from afar.

3. Shop at The Forum Shops

There’s always time for shopping when on vacation and what better to do than take a trip to some shops around town with your best girls? The Forum Shops is a place where you can shop for your expensive taste. There are also traditional shops and more affordable brand names located here. These shops are located in Caesar’s Palace where people all over, tourists and locals, shop for high-end fashion. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny here. There are many fashion brands located within Caesar’s Palace, like:

  • Gucci
  • David Yurman
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Balenciaga
  • Chanel
  • Cartier
  • Christian Louboutin

4. Visit the beach at Mandalay Bay

Take a day for rest and outdoor activity when you are visiting Las Vegas. You want to switch it up and get away from the busy city life. The Mandalay Bay beach is around 11 acres and qualifies as an aquatic playground. Many people from all over the world enjoy their time at this resort and are surprised at how fun the personalized pool area is.

There are bars and restaurants nearby if you want to get some food to replenish your body after enjoying the water and sun. They close at 6 pm so if you want to have a short day but still have fun, spend time at the Mandalay Bay.

5. Experience the nightlife

While in Vegas it is a must for you to experience what the nightlife has to offer. There are so many things for you to do, from night clubs to bars. Night clubs are always hot in Vegas and you can find the best clubs to go to through research and word of mouth.  Activity is high during the late hours and if you take a stroll down the Las Vegas strip you will definitely see something interesting or out of the ordinary. You will meet fun and interesting people as well with this city’s inviting culture.

6. Dine at The Park

If you are more of a foodie and want to experience the Las Vegas cuisine and restaurant ambiance, take a trip to The Park where there are several nice restaurants for your deciding. Everything is outdoors so it is a unique way of enjoying Vegas culture. The cuisine available at this location is diverse, from California-style pizza to quality Japanese sushi. You will enjoy the variety this place has to offer and you can take time to enjoy the neighboring shops and nightlife as well.

7. Bar hop through the Fremont East District

Enjoying the nightlife has to be the best part about being in Las Vegas. There is no other place like it when it comes to the people and the culture. Bar hop through the Fremont East District and experience some of the best cocktails and bar eats in town. There is much to choose from and there are options for any taste in food and ambiance. From high-end bars to quality and affordable Mexican spots.

8. Gamble at the Venetian casino

Gambling is something everyone advises you to do when you are vacationing in Las Vegas. Gambling can be a dangerous thing to participate in, especially for your pockets. Make sure to play games that you are skilled in and try not to rely solely on luck. You may either lose or gain money when you take a trip to a casino. Keep in mind what you want to play and give yourself a limit to prevent putting yourself in a financial hole.

The Venetian Resort is one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. It is widely popular due to the size of its game room. With over 2,500 slot machines and video poker games, 12 high stakes gaming tables, and 115 regular gaming tables, the Venetian stands alone with one of the largest casino floors.

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