Thesis Printing and Binding: All You Need to Know

It may have felt like there was no end to the sleepless nights spent writing your thesis, but at last you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, is the deadline to hand in your thesis steadily approaching and you have no idea what to do about your thesis printing and binding? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place because in this article, we’ll fill you in with all the details you must know about thesis printing and binding. We’ll look at: 

  • The thesis printing configurations 
  • The different thesis binding types
  • How to find the right print shop

Continue reading and you’ll have your completed thesis in your hands in no time! 

The Thesis Printing and Binding Process

If you’re an undergraduate student, then it’s quite possible that you’ve never had a need for professional thesis printing and binding before. Most of your term papers and essays would have been submitted digitally. Getting professional thesis printing and binding can seem like an overwhelming task, but it really doesn’t have to be difficult. 

We’ll quickly run you through the thesis printing configurations before taking a look at the different bindings available. 

Choosing your Thesis Printing Configurations

In the table below, we’ve listed the main thesis printing configurations that you’ll have to decide on. This way, you won’t have to spend more hours researching for the answers to your dissertation printing and binding queries. 

Configurations: Our Tip:
Color vs black and white: Colored thesis printing will take more from your student budget; however, it can add a touch of professionalism to your thesis.You should check with your educational institution, as you may be required to have colored printing- particularly if you’re studying a creative degree program. 
Paper: You should know that there’s a few different types of paper available for thesis printing. Most print shops use 80g/m2 paper by default, with the option to upgrade to 100g/m2 paper if you need it. The problem with 80g/m2 paper is that the ink may shine through to the other side of the paper. This could affect the readability of your thesis or dissertation, particularly if you’ve opted for double-sided printing. If you need double-sided printing, try searching for a print shop that offers 100g/m2 paper by default.
Layout: Your layout will affect your page count, which in turn affects the price of your dissertation printing and binding. Thoroughly check your layout before printing your dissertation. Many online print shops have 3D previews where you can see what your thesis will look like and flip through the pages to check your formatting. This is ideal, as you can correct any errors before your thesis is printed.

In the end, details such as the type of paper and any add-ons you choose will have an influence on the price of your thesis printing and binding package. Take a look at different providers and compare their offers, as you’ll want something with a good price to quality ratio. 

Choosing Your Thesis Binding 

The next step is choosing your thesis binding. Don’t be alarmed when you see all the choices! Each binding will be suitable for a range of different papers and you can choose whichever one you find to be the most aesthetic, whilst keeping within the guidelines provided by your educational institution.

The suitability of each dissertation printing and binding configuration depends on the academic work you’re submitting. A bachelor’s thesis you’ve spent half a year researching and writing deserves a better binding than the essay you wrote during an all-nighter. The chosen binding should reflect your hard work. 

For example, the standard spiral binding won’t be able to reflect the hard work you’ve put into your undergraduate or postgraduate thesis. Furthermore, the elegant leather binding may be a bit too much for your ten page essay. 

In the end, your dissertation printing and binding decisions come down to the type of academic work you’re submitting.

Tip! Check with your academic institution regarding the thesis printing and binding requirements from their side. There may also be specific requirements depending on your study program.

Introducing the Thesis Binding Types

In this section, we’ll take a look at the different thesis binding types one by one so you can make a well-informed decision regarding which binding is the best for your academic work. 

The Elegant Leather Book Binding

The classy leather book binding is simply perfect for your extensive research paper or bachelor’s thesis. With add-ons such as corner protectors, bookmarks and custom embossing, your professor will certainly be impressed. There’s no doubt that this thesis binding will do justice to what lies inside its covers.

Recommendations: Almost all lengthier academic papers are suitable for leather book binding. These include:

  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • Master’s thesis
  • Bachelor thesis

The Timeless Thermal Binding

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The classic thermal binding is as versatile as it gets. Present your research paper with this binding or use it for extra copies of your paper that will be going into storage. With the transparent front cover, your title page will be on display and you’re able to choose from several colors for the leather-like back page. You can’t go wrong with the timeless thermal binding.

Recommendation: Use the thermal binding to print a few extra copies of your thesis. Future employers may be interested in your research, so it’s good to always have a few copies in storage.

The Creative Softcover Binding   

The creative softcover binding can be designed exactly how you’ve always envisioned. Pictures, logos, different colors and fonts are all among the possibilities. Thus, this dissertation binding is a great option for those studying creative degree programs. Just ensure that your design is not too cluttered and that it still looks professional.

Recommendation: The softcover binding will make any thesis stand out. However, this binding is unable to hold a large number of pages, so it’s not suitable for lengthy research papers.

The Classic Spiral Binding

The spiral binding is the most cost-friendly option. Just like the thermal binding, it’s great for putting copies of your paper into storage. The main difference is that the pages are bound together with metal or plastic spirals instead of glue. Your title page will be on display and you can choose from several colors for the back cover- so it shares quite a few similarities with the thermal binding.

Recommendation: The spiral binding is great for smaller papers that don’t hold much weight. It’s the perfect cost-effective solution.

The Thesis Binding Types: An Overview 

Here you’ll find all of the information above compiled into one all-inclusive table. We advise you to frequently refer to this table whilst configuring your thesis printing and binding.

An Online Shop for Dissertation Printing and Binding

So, you’ve decided on your dissertation printing and binding configurations, your formatting has been perfected and you’re ready to hand it in and be done with it. Your last job is to choose a reliable professional printing service. You’ve put your heart and soul into writing this, so you want only the best thesis printing and binding.

Your choice comes down to online printing services, or your university campus print shop. We advise an online print shop because this way, you can order your thesis printing and binding online and have it delivered to your door. There will be no need to leave the house and wait in line at a print shop with other frantic college students.  

One such online print shop is BachelorPrint. Their free express shipping will be your savior if you’ve left your thesis printing and binding to the last minute.

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The BachelorPrint online shop has an innovative look inside function and 3D preview so you can perfect your formatting and view your thesis printed and bound, before placing your order. With add-ons like custom embossing, corner protectors and bookmarks, you’ll find everything you could possibly need for a perfect thesis printing and binding experience with the BachelorPrint online shop. 

The BachelorPrint thesis printing and binding benefits

  • Express shipping straight to your door
  • 3D preview and look inside function
  • Assemble your thesis without leaving the couch

Summary: Thesis Printing and Binding

Completing your thesis is a huge milestone! That’s why you deserve nothing less than perfect thesis printing and binding to do justice to what lies inside of the pages. 

Remember to think about your thesis printing configurations first before you get carried away by the different thesis binding types. Only once you’ve decided on the type of paper, whether you need double-sided printing and your formatting, can you then take a look at the thesis binding table above to choose your binding. Research some different providers and think about the advantages and disadvantages of both in-store print shops and online print shops.  

We wish you lots of luck with your thesis printing and binding!

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