The Year of High Heels and Higher Standards

We live in a society where the only thing women seem to keep on that glittering shoe pedestal are the balls of their feet. Some women may have that one coveted pair of heels, others may have a shoe collection (ahem, or an obsession) that may trigger a much needed intervention from their loved ones. Still, no matter the amount of heels you own, no matter how high those heels may be, it is important to make sure that they support the feet of a beautiful and strong woman with jazz, class, and a whole lot of pizazz.

According to Women’s Healthcare Topics, girls as young as 11-years-old are beginning to wear makeup. In a society where applying makeup is a rite of passage for women and where girls are bombarded with messages from the media that dictates the public perception of women, girls are growing up quicker than usual. Girls apply heavy eyeshadow or eyeliner, believing that the red rouge lipstick they wear is the true source of their beauty. It is time to teach them that makeup only complements their beauty, and it is certainly not the source.

Self-esteem has a lot to do with the way a woman values her worth. Young girls are entitled to feel beautiful every living, waking moment of their lives. A woman should be taught from young that her self-worth is a gift from above. It is not something to be traded, bartered, or black-marketed. Many young girls and women find themselves in compromising situations where they seek for worth in the wrong places, and end up more broken than they were before. Alicia Keys knew what she was talking about when she sang “A Woman’s Worth”: “A real man knows a real woman when he sees her.” Baby, do you know you know you’re worth it?

Having confidence has been a hidden treasure for many women. Yet, many realize that it is an extremely attractive and sexy asset. When a guy is scoping you out on a night out with friends, or wherever else he may find you, your looks may turn his head, but your confidence is what seals the deal. More importantly, your confidence will push you to have more ambition, to want more, and to know that you deserve it. It will also make you settle for less. There is nothing more sexy than a confident woman! However, ladies, remember that there is a fine line between knowing that you are entitled and being arrogant about it!

At the beginning of the year, people are prompted to turn over a new leaf, to have a bunch of resolutions, and to start off the year with a clean state. You can do any of these things, or you can finish what you started. You were beautiful from the moment you took your first breath. If no one ever told you that before, I am telling you now. It is time to step into that realization and be the beautiful woman you were destined to be. Cheers to a year of high heels and higher standards!

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