The Future Is Female: These Are The Top Industries Dominated By Women

Are you planning your next career move or looking for a change of scenery in a new industry where females dominate? You may think this is hard to find considering there is still an evident divide between male and female salaries and opportunities. However, there are some sectors where women come out on top. To help you discover your next venture, take a look at these top three industries where women have taken over and achieved success.

Health and beauty

One of the most lucrative industries in the world is the health and beauty sector, which is excellent news for the women who dominate it. In the beauty world, women are the creators and predominant users of makeup, hair products, face care and more which is the reason why the UK beauty industry is now worth over 14 billion pounds, the sixth highest in the world. This will continue to rise, so now is definitely time to get stuck into the beauty sector and find what you are good at.

In the health sector, there is a massive divide between men and women, as females take up the majority with 90 percent of them taking on registered nurses role, while 67% of the world’s female population filling up vacancies in the health and social sector. While a hands-on nursing job may not be for you, you can get involved in administration or the digital side which can help improve healthcare as a whole.

Real Estate

While some argue that the real estate industry is dominated by men, according to statistics women actually make up 65 percent of the workforce. This is an impressive number considering some females invest in real estate as a second job. This just goes to show that women are determined to equal men in the investment races and by getting more involved in real estate investment, they are paving a path to equality.

If you’re considering investing in real estate you need to make sure that you conduct thorough research to find a lucrative property. To ensure you achieve success, RW Invest can enable your first investment to be smooth and smart by offering you complete guidance, as well as assured rental yields that will provide you with an extensive income. This is essential if you wish for everything to go your way, especially as a woman in the ever-changing real estate sector.


The education sector has been gratefully rewarding for women who take up 75% of the workforce, which includes primary, secondary and higher-education roles including both teachers and assistants who offer children all over the world the best education possible. These women hold the character traits that allow them to lead and teach children with patience and poise.

If you’re looking to transition into education, you need to consider your qualifications, as without the appropriate certifications you will not be able to join the ranks of female educators. While a teaching role requires a degree, an assistant job may just require you to take some night classes and get the necessary experience that will offer you the skills needed for the classroom.

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