The Pros and Cons of Having a Gym Buddy

Each December as the year comes to a close and we sit down and create our resolutions for the New Year losing weight, eating healthier, and going to the gym more usually takes up a spot on our lists. However, writing down these resolutions usually becomes easier than actually staying committed to them. The amount of effort that it takes to get the motivation to go to the gym is far more powerful than actually working out at the gym. Choosing a gym buddy can be both a good and bad thing because no one wants to endure the pain of a workout alone. Consider these pros and cons the next time you want to ask your friend to work out with you.

Pro: Accountability.  Having someone there to hold you accountable and make sure you reach your goal weight will motivate you to take full control of your health. While you’re self conscious about working out, so is your partner and you two can talk about these things together.

Con: Dependence. Having a gym partner can be motivation to get to the gym, however becoming dependent on your gym partner can also lead you to skip gym days if he or she doesn’t show up for the gym that day. So while having a gym buddy is great and motivational, you should also have self-discipline to make it to the gym on your own and drag your buddy with you!

Pro: Making a Pact. Although you made a commitment to yourself to be healthier, you also made the commitment to your partner as well so you’ll most likely make better choices to avoid going back on your word. For example, if the both of you have similar goal weights make a pact that you’ll lose 3 pounds in two weeks and help each other stick to it (see accountability).

Con: Choosing a lazy partner. We all know that no good comes from the company of two lazy people trying to lose weight. Sure we all have our days where we want to relax and do nothing, but if you feel your gym partner pushing you further away from your goal, it’s time to let them go.

Having the courage and motivation to make it to the gym is a task in itself, so having a gym buddy can make it easier for you. Remember that choosing a gym partner can be a good and bad thing depending on the type of partner you select. Choose wisely and really evaluate the type of gym characteristics they have. At the end of the day being healthy is about you and your body, but it’s always nice to have someone around for the ride.

Need a steady workout partner but don’t know who to chose? Consider randomly joining an exercise group like Black Girls Run. You’ll make new friends but also be surrounded by people who are committed to reaching their health goals. 

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