Black-Owned Boutique Launches Size Inclusive Lingerie Line

Now more than ever, women have more options in what type of undergarments they choose to wear. Inclusivity has become an all-important topic in the age of feminism and equal rights for women and it is no different for the lingerie and lounge wear industry.

One brand however is pushing the needle on this trend and championing it in their business model. The Fitting Curve, an online and boutique lingerie and lounge wear retailer, recently launched one of the most expansive size-inclusive lingerie lines on the market, with sizes ranging from small to 3XL. The company currently carries over 40 lingerie brands and has 60+ bra sizes in the hopes that they will be able to service a wide set of women in today’s ever evolving intimates’ market.

Founded and run by three lingerie experts, Kelly Saintus, Helene Delince and Stephanie Vincent, who dotingly refer to themselves as “The Girls”, The Fitting Curve seeks to provide fit and style advice to a diverse range of women seeking intimates for special occasions and daily wear. Although The Girls had mulled over the idea for nearly ten years, the company didn’t launch until an unexpected change forced Kelly to re-consider her dreams.

We came up with the idea a long time ago…but in passing. Then I was laid off from a position in 2016,” Kelly told us in an interview. “I called Helene and said, ‘Hey, let’s just open up a lingerie shop. We can do this.’”

The women started the company with their own funds and decided in addition to launching an online shop where customers can peruse their private label collection, they would also open a brick-and-mortar store in Rockville Center, Long Island in New York.  With more and more bra companies popping up online, offline retailers have been feeling the pinch. However, Stephanie insisted that there are specific values that in-store experiences provide that customers just can’t get online.

“No matter how good a customer service department is for an online business, it is not face-to-face. That is not a human connection,” Stephanie said. “So, while I love the idea of being accessible for everyone online, bra fitting is tough [online] because obviously every woman’s body is different. And really the only way to try to get a fit close to 100 percent is with a face to face experience – that’s what we provide.

Kelly added that bras are a highly functional piece and in-store fittings can help you get the right return on your investment.

“It’s the most personal garment you wear and it’s also the most technical piece you’ll wear. No matter how small you are or how big you are, all lingerie is handmade — even if it’s like a two-dollar bra at the Dollar Store,” she added. “You can’t just wake up and say, ‘OK, I’m gonna’ go buy a bra and it’s gonna’ fit.’ Your body changes and your bra size will change at least six times in your lifetime. Every ten pounds you lose or gain is a bra size.

“We think of women who go through these regular motions in life. Being able to shop online – yes, it’s convenient. Yes, it’s great. But at some point, you should go into a shop and work with a professional.”

For customers that can’t make it to their Long Island, New York location, The Fitting Curve also provides personalization advice over the phone.

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