The Fashion Emergency Kit – And What Every Woman Needs In Hers

Whether you are traveling the runways during a famed fashion week, a busy working girl, or just a social butterfly, having a fashion emergency kit on hand at all times is certainly a smart idea. One thing is for sure – you do not have to be involved in the fashion industry in order to be faced with a fashion emergency.

Women from all walks of life are on the go more than ever these days and of course, more times than none, it is likely for a style crisis to ruin the day. So, Bauce Magazine thought ahead – and wants every strong, independent female “bauce” out there to be one step ahead of the rest.

So, here is a list of fashion essentials that every woman needs when putting together a fashion emergency kit:

  1. A small bag for those moments when your huge Michael Khors tote bag might just slow you down.

  2. A mini-sewing kit (which includes, needles, threads, loose buttons and safety pins) to patch up that tiny rip of a hole in the back of your dress.

  3. Lint removing sheets to keep your lapels extra clean.

  4. A deodorant removing cloth for the times that you accidentally put on your deodorant after your clothes.

5. Instant stain remover because sometimes you might just get makeup on your white dress.

  1. Static guard because it’s just freakin’ necessary.

  2. Double-sided fashion tape to keep the twins protected when you want to go braless.

  3. Blister pads and band-aids for when those sexy new pair of high heels you bought were well…just too damn high.

9. A back-up pair of stockings because you know the first pair is going to rip no matter how hard you try to keep them from doing so.

10. A buffer for shining shoes for those super fancy gala affairs that you’ve told yourself ten times that you should start chucking over money for.

Cheers to staying fashionably fabulous, ladies!

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