The Best 8 Neighbourhoods To Live In Austin, TX

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The mild weather, one of the best job markets, and the excellent quality of life are some of the reasons why Austin and its surrounding areas have seen tremendous population growth, not to mention a range of fun things to see and do around the city’s neighborhoods.

Head to the pool, visit amazing parks, shop, and eat in some of the best 5-star restaurants in the city! Over 2 million people live in Austin, TX, which is why they call it the ‘Capital City home’.

If you’re contemplating moving to this vibrant city, you might not be sure where to set up your home. The truth is that Austin has different neighborhoods that each have unique personalities and flavors, and living in the right place will help you succeed and live happily.

Don’t look elsewhere. Here are the 8 best neighborhoods to live in Austin, TX.


This neighborhood has a booming business district, sophisticated urban dwellings, and a thriving entertainment environment. The cost of housing tends to be higher than other Austin neighborhoods, perhaps due to its location in the heart of Austin.

The Colorado River flows through Downtown Austin, giving this city some scenic views. Listings in Downtown typically feature luxury condos, high-rise lofts, and garden-style condos with ample parking spaces. Students who live Downtown can take advantage of schools managed by the Austin Independent school district and private and charter schools in the area.


Allandale is a beautiful city surrounded by the bustle of city life with quiet suburban streets just a few minutes from Downtown. Locals here have access to a mix of local shops, some of the best furnished apartments in Austin, Texas, local parks, and eateries, including the new Northwest Recreational Center.

It’s a suitable spot for families who want to stay in a suburban community while having easy access to the rest of Austin. Allandale is home to over 6’500 people, with age groups of 30 to 50.

Families moving to this neighborhood will be close to highly-rated public schools such as Gullett Elementary School and McCallum High School. There are many things to do in this area, like enjoying the flow of the Colorado River nearby.

Barton Hills

Nature lovers who also want to enjoy a city’s convenience will find joy residing in the Barton Hills. The area has many natural attractions in its backyard, such as Zilker Park, Barton Springs, and Barton Creek Greenbelt. This appealing neighborhood has silent residential streets for outdoor enthusiasts, and its schools are highly rated.


Small but beautiful, Cherrywood is suitable for young families and professionals. The town has a population of about 4,200 with an age range of 20 to 40. Most students in Cherrywood attend Gonzalo Garza High School, Kealing Middle School, and Maplewood Elementary School. There are many sites to visit, such as Patterson Neighborhood Park.

East Oak Hill

Looking for the most scenic neighborhood in Austin? The East Oak Hill sits next to Barton Creek Greenbelt and Wilderness Park, some of the best green spaces in Austin. The Travis County neighborhood boasts a population of 14,500 people with age groups of 25 to 55. The area offers fine and casual dining, golf courses, shopping centers, and activity centers. The Austin Independent School District runs schools in this neighborhood.

Hyde Park

If you need to reside in a walkable neighborhood with an urban appeal, Hyde Park could be the perfect place for you. The historic suburb city is known for its tree-shaded neighborhoods and adjacent market where residents can walk.

It is adjacent to Downtown Austin, with about 8,000 residents of the ages 25 to 50. Hyde Park residents enjoy the nearby Hancock Golf course, local shops, dining areas, and beautiful nightlife. Just south of Hyde Park, you can find numerous sports fields, a vast recreation area, and Zilker Park.


Zilker is among the most exciting areas in Austin, with lively entertainment and all kinds of shopping and dining. One of the main places to visit is Zilker Park, which has acres of land and a botanical garden where you can spend your time. Students in this area go to Zilker Elementary School, William B. Travis High School, and Sarah Beth Middle School.


If you want a bedroom community, then Buda is an excellent choice for a suburban lifestyle. It offers a historic charm with farmers’ markets and seasonal events such as Movies in the Park, the annual county fair, and Weiner dog races. Those who work in the city can take advantage of the 21-minute commute to Downtown.


Whether you’re looking for the entertainment of Downtown Austin, the urban appeal of Hyde Park, or the outdoors appeal in Barton Hills, Austin has a community to fit your unique taste. When you are searching for an ideal neighborhood to rent an apartment, you will be able to choose the perfect choice for your lifestyle.

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