The Tall Girls’ Guide To Professional and Personal Perfection

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Glow on, Amazons!

This is more of a personal post, dear to my heart as a tall woman. Luckily for those of us with long legs and lanky frames, skinny jeans and high waist styles are quite flattering. However for tall women in general, who may not always fit supermodel standards, finding fabulous clothes and shoes in larger, longer sizes, while combating stigma around our height can be a never-ending job.

  • Michelle Obama: 5’11”
  • Queen Latifah: 5’10”
  • Maya Angelou: 6’0”
  • Zendaya: 5’10”
  • Jordan Sparks 5’10”
  • Kimora Lee Simmons: 6’0”
  • Tyra Banks: 5’11”
  • Swin Cash: 6’0”
  • Naomi Campbell: 5’9”
  • Lisa Leslie: 6’5”

All of these successful and beautiful women are considered “above average,” in every measurable category that matters, including height. These ladies are proof that you can rise to the top of your industry (pun intended), date whomever you like, and wear heels unabashedly — if you choose to!

Clothing Brands Made Long Enough

Alloy (Has tall shop, long jeans and pants of good quality material, sized by length)

Long Tall Sally (Entire store dedicated to tall gals, great work clothes)

Express (Carry long pants made of thick material that lasts, tend to be more expensive)

Weddington Way (Long wedding & bridesmaid’s dresses)

New York & Company (The Tall Shop for women 5’9” and over)

ASOS (Specific tall section)

Athleta (Athletic wear made long enough)

Lululemon (Athletic wear made long enough)

Torrid (Dedicated to curvier and plus-sized women, carries tall sizes)

Buckle (Great for jeans that are long enough)

JCPenney (Has tall section)

J.Crew (Has tall section)

Old Navy (Has tall section, caters to women 5’10” and above, offers blouses with an extra 1/2” across the shoulder and skirts with a longer rise)

Victoria’s Secret (Work pants with 34” and 36” inseams)

Topshop & Zara (May have to look, but can snag a great find)

Via @lifeinbeverlyhills


Stylish Shoes That Fit

NineWest (Carries up to 13.5 in certain styles)

Nordstrom Rack (Has large designer shoes, but you may have to hunt for them)




Zappos (Women’s shoes in up to US size 16)

Activities tall women tend to enjoy

Don’t get me wrong, not all tall ladies like or want to play sports, however, we are blessed with an advantage in certain activities. Check out the below if you’re looking for something where tall girls are encouraged, if not celebrated – Or find a completely different hobby that makes you happy, don’t let your height limit you!

Obvious Sports/Physical Activities:




Track & Field (High Jump & 400M)


Rock Climbing



Horseback Riding


Tae Kwon Do (& other self defense practices)




Combating snarky remarks and stigma around tall women

1. Practice good posture: An oldie but a goodie – you won’t look any shorter by slouching, and it’s bad for your overall health. Be confident, and stand tall with your shoulders back. Crane that swan neck, and glide (Ms. Congeniality)!

2. Wear heels with confidence: Certain outfits call for heels point blank period. If you’re worried the person/people you’re with will be intimidated or uncomfortable, that’s a personal problem – for them.

3. Don’t compare your weight to shorter, or more petite women: Your healthiest weight will never be as light as a woman who is 5’4”. Let your health professional (or yourself) determine what weight is best for you.

4. Don’t let height dictate whom you choose to date: This is one of the silliest stereotypes that should have been exposed decades ago. If you are happy with someone, that’s enough reason to date. People may still stare or make rude comments because…well, they are people. Be confident enough in yourself and your relationship to realize they are placing their insecurities on you.

5. Use Humor: For your own sanity, not to entertain others. Sometimes humor can loosen up an awkward scenario. It can also bring awareness to a rude comment without you coming across as even more intimidating. Sadly some encounters require brutal honesty (continue to the last tip).

6. Immediate Acknowledgement/Keep it 100: You know who you are and have probably been facing issues with your height your entire life. Sometimes it’s best to quickly acknowledge your height and keep it moving. Don’t feed the haters, because there isn’t enough time in the day!

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