Take a Look at These 2021 Jewelry Trends You Should Know

2021 jewelry trends

Finally, the year 2020 is over. What does that mean? Well, we are all expecting to see another ton of creative ideas about the emerging new fashion trends. From hats to bags and shoes, 2021 has various grounds to cover in the fashion scene. While dress trends are all over out there, let us not forget the jewelry trends!

Jewelry significantly adds to your overall fashion glam when going out or having a Zoom meeting on your online work. In these pandemic times where you are just in your house most of the time, wearing those now becomes the easiest way to any look you want. You consider taking a look at these 2021 jewelry trends, you should know.

Mismatched Earrings

If you think that mismatched earrings look weird to wear, they are absolutely not. Many known celebrities are now incorporating this kind of earring style into their fashion. There are also a lot of runways where models wear mismatched earrings. Indeed, wearing these is now getting more popular than before.

Asymmetrical earrings can bring out the boldness and confidence within you. While they are indeed trendy, they are also a way to stray from the norm and traditional view of wearing jewelry. People who think of wearing these also boost their creativity in serving new and fresh ideas for jewelry fashion.

In wearing mismatched earrings, you have to remember that it does not mean two different earrings. They have to share common motifs to unify them together. You may consider the theme of both earrings, their colors, and their similarity in the material. You can also complement them with your hairstyle and the type of dress you will wear.

Baroque Pearls

Another trend that diverts its way away from the normative fashion style is baroque pearls. When you wear these, you will surely have an edgy and bold aura. This is due to the pearl’s irregular shapes that can make the wearer have a quirky yet beautiful appearance.

Baroque pearls is an umbrella term for pearls that are in irregular and asymmetrical shape. They are different from the traditional ones, having lustrous, smooth, and perfectly round-shaped characteristics.

Why are baroque pearls becoming a trend? Simply because they are not boring. We are all done with the traditional fashion scenes, where traditional perfect pearls are the epitome of beauty and elegance. We want new, creative, and unique ideas for this year, not perfection.

Charming Charms

Charms are historically meaningful and symbolic. These small decorative trinkets were used in protecting the owner and the ward of evil forces in the form of amulets. But in the present times, they still hold a deep connection to the owner, since they signify his/her interest, hobbies, or even the travels made.

They can be attached to many other accessories, such as bracelets. In fact, charm bracelets are getting more popular nowadays. The charms attached can be gemstones, lucky symbols, hobbies and passion charms, religious charms, and relationship charms. They can also be paired with cable-chain or snake-chain bracelets.

Rings are also perfect for charms. While your promise ring as a pre-engagement gift keeps you reminded of your partner, why not have a charm ring to remind you of your interests? It may add more color to your fashion look.

There can also be charm necklaces and earrings. You have many options to choose from!

Long Pendant Necklaces

Long necklaces, especially ones with custom pendants, can now be seen, usually worn by teenagers. They are very preppy and teeny, which suit them the most. It would be nice too if you paired these with just simple, chic, or just casual outfits. They would add flair and fluid movement to your body.

There are tips on how for them to look more good on you. They are perfect with high-cut shirts as the backdrop but do not pair them up with overly long shirts and crop tops. Layering them up is great, too, but do not mismatch them with random outfits. Lastly, you may not need to put on earrings when you wear long pendant necklaces.

Colorful Beads

Beads are very fun to look at. They seem to be captivating, eye-catching, and adventurous. You might be the center of attraction when you incorporate beads in your jewelry and other accessories. No wonder they are now getting popular and part of the trends in the fashion scene. They are now also being incorporated on the runways and known model photoshoots.

The thing about beads in jewelry and accessories is that you can do beadworks on your own. You are all on your own choices and preferences when customizing bead jewelry. Jewelry making and beading involve your own style, flavor, and creativity.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry trends are essentially relevant, especially now that we are all encouraged to just stay at home due to the pandemic. In a way, we can make ourselves feel beautiful and confident even if we will just meet our friends and coworkers virtually without any struggle on what outfit we should wear. Jewelry is enough to bring the glam out of you.

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