Summer Flings: Are They Worth It?

By Shanette D. Buford-Brazzell

It’s official. Summer is here. College students have put their books and notebooks away, many have graduated, while others have moved back home. As the summer begins people start to meet new people, and many relationships start to blossom. Some relationships last past the three month mark, and the others come to a fizzle when the warm months end. Yes, I’m talking about those good old summer flings.

A summer fling is a simple relationship that is free of hassle and drama and often ends with a mutual friendship. Summer flings have become a ritual for college students who are on vacation, since anything is possible when school is out and the confines of returning back to one’s previous space applies pressure. The sun is shining and students who are love-starved come out to play. Summer flings can be tons of fun and sometimes complicated at first.  Things seem carefree, emotions begin to churn, and sometimes people get attached. Many ask the question is it okay to date a guy who you won’t see after three months? Here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. Be Clear: Make sure you and the other person (him/her) are clear about what you are looking for and what you want to get out of the summer fling. Communication is important in any relationship. One person may want a fling while the other person may want a long-term relationship.

2. Take it Slow, Don’t Rush: Get to know each other a little better and take your time to see what the other person is about.

3. Keep your friends close: Still spend time with your friends even though you have a summer fling. Your friendships with them are worth a lot to lose over a fling.

4. Have a memorable experience: Don’t waist too much of your time thinking and worrying about the relationship. Have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Invite the other out and try new things. You want it to be a summer to remember.

5. End the summer on good terms: Even if your summer fling doesn’t last after three months, make sure you end the summer on good terms with the other person. Have a talk to make sure both him/her understand that you are and just want to be friends.

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1 Comment

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