3 Style Tips To Help You Dress For A First Date

It’s been a while, but you’re finally back in the game. You’ve been talking to someone for a few weeks, and they’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask you out on a date. Your initial reaction is one of excitement, but then the nerves kick in. What if they’re a catfish? What if they don’t like me in real life? But most importantly, what am I going to wear?!

Dressing for a first date is always a challenge as you need to convey the right messages. You don’t want to turn up too fancy and give the wrong vibes, but you also don’t want to look like a slob. There’s a fine balance, and here are some style tips to help you dress to impress on a first date:

Choose comfort over everything

You want to give the best account of yourself on a first date, right? Well, it’s impossible to do this if you don’t feel comfortable. Ditch the high heels, don’t squeeze into a tight dress; opt for something comfortable! Now, you’ll feel more relaxed, and you won’t visibly look like you’re in pain or moody. This doesn’t mean you turn up in joggers and a hoody! We’re approaching the fall season as of writing this, and there are loads of cute fall outfits that are both comfortable and stylish. Jeans and a jumper or cardigan can look classy, it all depends on how you wear them. So, choose comfort over everything, but still look to add a touch of style. 

Subtly show off your main assets

Everyone has at least one feature that they’re really proud of. Okay, proud might be the wrong word, but we have an asset that we’re keen to show off. Do you want to go in all guns blazing on a first date? It’s a bold move to show up in very revealing clothing, but it might send off the wrong message. Instead, be more subtle in showing off your assets. If you have a nice bum, get some jeans or a skirt that shows off your curves in a less dramatic way. As a result, you feel good about yourself, they’ll definitely notice, but you aren’t putting it all out there straight away. 

Be clear on what the date entails

Finally, you have to get clarification on where you’re going and what type of date it is. Are you going out for coffee during the day? Are you going to play mini-golf or watch a movie? In these situations, you know the date is more relaxed, so you can bring a relaxed outfit to the table. But, if they want to take you out for dinner, you need to know where you’re going, etc. This helps you figure out if you’re off to a fancy restaurant or if it’s still a more laid back affair. You don’t want to turn up all fancy, and then they say you’re going to the local pizza place. Likewise, you don’t want to look too relaxed, and your date is in fancy attire, taking you to a five-star restaurant. Be clear on what the date entails to pick an outfit that matches the vibe. 

Follow these tips if you want to dress better on your first date. It’s all about making a good impression, which could lead to many more dates in the future.

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