Stop Stressing! 10 Ways To Remove Anxiety From Your Life

The seemingly busy world that we live-in doctors up a million reasons that can cause people to lose their sanity or become intoxicated by negative energy. The secret to fighting away anxiety and stress is remaining genuinely positive. This doesn’t mean pop on a smile even when you’re going through struggles and tough times; it just means don’t sweat the small stuff. The less negativity you exert to trivial matters (like the fact that you hate Mondays!) will help you maintain a positive and pro-active balance and keep you moving towards future endeavors.

Here’s our top ten ways to relieve the stress:

 1. Hit The Gym: Make sure you exercise 20 minutes three times a week. This keeps the heart rate up, adds tons of extra energy (sorry, coffee will not suffice), and it helps you feel fresh and elevated.

 2. A Moment of Silence: Before the sun comes up, practice meditating. Why so early? It’s a good way to clear your head before your mind gets cluttered with the daily chatter surrounding you. Meditation cultivates an efficient thought process and a peaceful demeanor. It will also help you tackle daily obstacles with patience, and avoid the beast of anxiety.

 3. Read Between the Lines: Reading allows a person to become an idealist and a dreamer for a short moment in time. Depending on what genre of books you like to indulge in, you can live out fantasies vicariously through a book. Reading naturally expands the imagination and allows the brain time to relax.

4. Giggles Tickle Your Fancy: Laugh at your pain. Literally. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air; it stimulates your heart lungs and muscles and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. It relaxes you and soothes tension.

5. Sex is for Keeps: Sex is a form of physical exercise and we all know an active lovemaking lifestyle will keep the body fit and the organs healthy. Sexual intercourse lowers blood pressure and having sex regularly can help lower cholesterol.

6. Sippin’ On Tea: Chamomile tea before bed relaxes the body and allows you to sleep better, which will contribute towards the success of a good morning. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed!

 7. Sleep, For Real: You need a sufficient amount of sleep to properly conduct yourself in a working environment. When you lack sleep, your body becomes lack-lustered and lethargic. Your day drags on and so does your body. Your mental state is not as alert and swift as it is when you have acquired seven to eight hours of rest. You may miss deadlines, overlook important details or zone out during a meeting. Be sure to add a proper bedtime that incorporates at minimum six hours of sleep to your to-do list. Sleep does the body good!

8. You Need a Spa Day: A nice spa day will allow the muscles to be groomed into a state of relaxation. You may even find yourself with a neck cramp or periodically massaging your lower back to kneed the creaks out. If you can afford it, you should visit a local spa once a month to solve all of your tense muscle problems. An hour-long massage will be getting you right for work.

 9. Me Time: This time is needed for every human to re-charge their battery and gain the energy to tackle life’s obstacles. Alone time is your time to just sit and enjoy being by yourself. Your peace of mind is very important and the only way to stay sane is to take some time off for yourself. For creative minds, this is a requirement for exercising your creative juices.

10. Friends Make It Better: Time spent with friends is the best stress reliever. This is your time to “let you hair down” and relieve all of the pressure from a strenuous workweek. With the girls, you feel alive, you can be who you are, talk about college memories, explore new adventures, vent, and plan for the future. This is the most important stress reliever because you can incorporate all ten of these suggestions on a two-day weekend with the girls. Friends are, the ones who know you best and keep you motivated and supported.



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