4 Tips That Will Keep You Fuller Longer While You’re On The Go 

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When you’re a busy self-made woman, juggling what seems like a million things, it’s not always easy to eat right. And yet, it’s so important to get those calories; proper nutrition will give you the energy you need to get through that busy day like the Bauce you are! Below are four simple, easy ways to eat on the go that will help you stay fuller longer, provide you with abundant energy, and keep you going strong on the go. Best of all though: they taste great.

Mason Jars Are Your Friend

We’ve all seen those endless Pinterest boards with meals in a jar. Turns out, they are a fantastic, easy way to get a nutritious meal in you on the go! They also help with portion control! Make a mason jar salad by layering your favorite greens with raw veggies, nuts, and seeds; drizzle on your favorite oil and vinegar combo or a little light dressing, and voila! A healthy salad. Get creative: layer in leftover prepared grains, cheeses, and different herbs – the sky is the limit! Prepare your salad the night before, adding your dressing just before you leave the house the next day. Your mason jar lunch will be ready whenever you are! 

Happy Trails

Store-bought trail mix is delicious, but often full of absolute junk. It can also be costly and go stale quickly. You can make your own trail mix in a snap! Just fill a baggie with your favorite nuts, seeds, and crunchy things. Add a handful of dried fruit, and for a bit of a sweet treat, toss in a handful of your favorite baking morsels. A favorite combo of ours are roasted almonds, pistachios, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips. Delicious, energy-boosting, and great on the go. 

Smoothie Moves

Smoothies are a hugely popular on-the-go meal replacement and for good reason. Skip those shops on every corner, though: often those smoothies are filled with sugar, fillers, and other unhealthy ingredients, and you’ll pay out the nose for a small size. Making a smoothie at home is cheaper, customizable, and much more delicious. Try strawberries, peanut butter, and almond milk for a PBJ smoothie. Blend Greek yogurt with lemon, honey, and your favorite greens for a health boost. Got a sweet tooth? Add chocolate chips! If you’re looking to stay fuller longer, try a scoop of delicious whey protein powder for added nutrition, healthful vitamins and minerals, and the protein you need to stay full for hours. There are tons of delicious and nutritious whey proteins for you to try. You also may read opti-greens reviews for superfood supplement smoothies.

Bar None

Addicted to granola bars and nut bars? Us, too. But often the ones you buy at the store are expensive and full of sugar, and you crash an hour later. You can make delicious, filling snack bars at home for very little cost. Just roast your favorite nuts and seeds (a great combo is almond and flax), add a bit of honey or agave, a sprinkle of sea salt, and your favorite dried fruits or a little chocolate. Press into a lightly greased pan and allow to set. Cut into bars and wrap with wax paper! You can take these little treats anywhere for a quick energy boost. 

We hope you love these quick, easy, on-the-go snacks as much as we do! Try one of these the next time you’ve got a busy day ahead, for the delicious boost you need!

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