The Best Square Women’s Watches For A Sharp Look

Sometimes square is better than round.

So you think all watches have to be round? Think again. Just because round watches are the most common doesn’t mean that’s all that’s out there. Women’s square-faced watches are bold, eye-catching, and modern. Unlike men’s square watches, women’s square watches are catching more trends in the last couple of years. Perfect for women who like a solid combination of trendy and elegant. Forget round watches that get lost in the crowd. Check out Filippo Loreti’s collection of ladies’ square-faced watches and stand out for once instead of blending in.

Square Watches: Women’s Trendiest Look

Round watches might be the norm, but that’s changing fast. Square dial women’s watches are where it’s at right now, and for good reason. They look great, keep precision timing, and are perfect for any and all occasions. To make your look even more special, search for accessories friendly to your watches like Rolex or Panerai rubber strap and band. Slip one on your wrist in the morning and easily transition to a night out with the girls when your workday is over.

  • Iconic Designs. Square dial watches for ladies are iconic. You’ll find them in today’s fashion magazines and pictures of Hollywood in its heyday. They never go out of style, and they always look amazing.
  • All Occasions. Go from day to night and business to pleasure with a simple but beautiful square women’s watch. It fits into your day to day life and dresses up nicely for special occasions. Whether you’re in a meeting or a wedding reception, a ladies’ square watch is always in style.

Unique Watches for Unique Personalities

Simple, elegant, unique. Who would have thought a square watch face could say so much about you? Square-shaped watches for ladies are a new trend that’s been around for a long time. It’s that special blend of contemporary and classic that gives square watches a retro twist for modern women. Forget round and go square. Become the trendsetter you’ve always longed to be.

  • Totally Unique. You’re unique, so why shouldn’t your watch be unique too? Break out of the mold and get a ladies square watch that fits your personality as well as your budget. When you shop Filippo Loreti’s collection, unique doesn’t have to mean expensive.
  • Modern and Retro. Square dial watches for ladies are a seamless blend of contemporary design and classic elegance. It’s a throwback to yesterday that looks hot and trendy on today’s modern woman.  

Ultimate Design: The Filippo Loreti Ladies’ Square Watch

Filippo Loreti knows women don’t want more of the same, they want something fun, classy, and stylish. And they want to stand out from the crowd. Every Filippo Loreti watch is designed with style and budget in mind. They’re handcrafted upon your order, meaning they aren’t sitting around on shelves for months at a time. You get premium quality watches in styles you love. Check out a few favs.

  • Frida Black Orchid. The Frida Black Orchid is a black square dial ladies watch by Filippo Loreti. Get precision timing with feminine flair, inspired by iconic women throughout history. 
  • Emmeline. The Emmeline is part of Filippo Loreti’s Muse Collection. A square women’s watch with a stainless steel case and hardened mineral glass, it’s as strong as the women who wear it. 
  • Grace. The name says it all. Grace is elegant, timeless, and beautiful. A ladies’ square watch made for women who love femininity as much as they do quality. 

 Express Yourself

Women’s square-faced watches are more than just a way to tell time, they’re expressions of your personality. Filippo Loreti’s eye-catching designs dare you to be bold, and because they’re sold at prices that won’t pinch your wallet, you can buy more than one. Change your watch throughout the week or the day to suit your mood. You’re fabulous inside and out, show off your confidence with a ladies’ square watch.

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