10 Popular Destinations That Are Perfect For Solo Female Travelers

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Traveling alone as a woman can be daunting your first time, which is why it’s essential to choose a destination that’s safe, easy to navigate, and will give you plenty of opportunities to meet other tourists and locals. That being said, here are ten places around the world that experienced female solo travelers recommend to their fellow adventuristas!

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


Kristin of Be My Travel Muse says: “Iceland is ranked the #1 safest country in the world by Vision of Humanity, and I can attest, people left their cars running while they went grocery shopping! That’s how sure they are that nobody will steal their car.” Iceland’s landscape is so unique and stunning, plus it’s great for a road trip; a car hire in Iceland is a relatively good value if you are planning on traveling by wheels. Or you can consider an RV rental Iceland.  Reykjavik has social hostels as well, where you can find adventure partners.

 2. Croatia


Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad says: “Croats love to chat, they’re very passionate people, and if you’re lucky, they might sing you a song about their love and admiration for black women. I was serenaded in Split, Croatia a few months ago by a group of handsome, tall security guards, and it’s something I’m convinced every black woman needs to experience at least once in their life, ha! And in general, any time I had a question, needed something, or was just minding my own business, there was always a lovely Croatian there anxious and ready to help.”

 3. New Zealand

Girl About the Globe says: “New Zealand is a perfect solo travel destination and is great for the first-timer. It is smaller than Australia, cheaper and really safe to travel around (plus you won’t encounter those strange souls in the outback). If you love the outdoors and adventure sports then this country is for you. The country is popular for those on a working visa and as part of a round the world ticket combining Asia or the Americas on the way. People are down to earth and it’s so easy to travel as a solo; you can even hitchhike if you got stuck (use your own discretion).”

4. Hong Kong

solo travel for females hong kong

Oneika the Traveller says: “Hong Kong is crazy easy to get around– signage is abundant and bilingual (its status as a former British colony means nearly everything is written in both English and Chinese). Communication is thus rarely an issue. The transport links are second to none: the subway (known as the MTR) is fast and ridiculously clean, taxis and buses are everywhere.”

5. London


Samantha O’Brochta of Some Call Me Adventurous says: “London is a great place for a solo female traveler. It’s definitely one of the safer major cities of the world, and allows for a lot of freedom as a woman. I have never felt unsafe in Central London. It’s the perfect place for a person to go alone if they want to test out the solo travel experience, whether they are male or female. There’s plenty to do and see, and none of it necessarily involves a partner. Seeing musicals and plays, sightseeing, exploring markets and drinking tea are all activities which don’t need to include another human, and there’s so many people around that you’ll never look out of place for being by yourself.”

 6. Coffee Bay, South Africa

Kristin of Be My Travel Muse says: “Africa gets a bad rap as being a scary place to travel through, and while it’s important to take precautions (here’s a list of them), that doesn’t mean solo female travelers should write it off. I love how laid-back Coffee Bay (and that whole coastline) is and how many cool other backpackers are always passing through. It’s easy to meet other people and go on long walks along the bluffs on the ocean and take in the gorgeous nature. While South Africa does have a pretty high crime rate, the bulk of it is in the cities. I loved the little towns like Coffee Bay where there weren’t many people or worries around at all.”

7. Dubai

Oneika the Traveller says: “The social scene is popping.  Don’t let the conservative religious aspect of the emirate fool you– Dubai is one of the most relaxed places in the Gulf.  Its status as a travel hub and expat haven also bodes well for the nightlife: expect glitzy rooftop mixers and bottomless brunches (yes, you can find alcohol in hotel bars and restaurants with a liquor license) chock full of people looking for a good time.”

8. Paris

Janelle Gould of My French Life says: “The city is full of big name attractions as well as hidden gems. If loneliness becomes an issue, you can sign up for a tour or a class, or join fellow travellers at the Eiffel Tower or at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Alternatively, Paris is the perfect city in which to do nothing, or something that closely resembles nothing. Wander aimlessly and get lost in your thoughts. Enjoy your own company as you take in the colours and the architecture. Pull up a seat by a fountain and watch children and clouds scuttle by. Or while away the hours from a cafe terrace and watch the very stylish Parisians on parade.”

9. Bali

Kiersten of The Blonde Abroad says: “Temples, yoga, relaxing beaches and inexpensive food & accommodation are just a few reasons why Bali is the ultimate solo female travel destination.With a great backpacking culture for young people, budget travelers will always find someone to hang out with. And with all those beautiful beaches, you bet there are some incredible resorts for a little bit of luxe. You’ll be so busy relaxing and soaking up the Balinese culture, you will forget you ever worried about going alone.”

10. Lisbon, Portugal

Meena Thiruvengadam says: “The streets of Lisbon are so alive, you’ll be too distracted by the amazing street entertainment and adorable boutiques to miss having someone to share a meal or coffee with. You could easily spend hours wandering around Sintra and its Pena Palace, and you’re likely to find you aren’t the only solo traveler wandering around. I took a tour and learned that about 60% of the group was in Portugal on their own.”

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