Sleep Tight: The Best Nightwear Looks This Season

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With the summer season gradually sinking back behind the horizon, it’s pretty clear that a cosy, comfortable season has arrived! While many people may be missing the summer rays (who isn’t?), there are still plenty of ways to make the most of the colder seasons. There’s also never a better excuse to wrap up warm watching Netflix during the day. In terms of what you’re wearing, it’s worth bearing in mind that just because something is super comfy, doesn’t mean it has to be unfashionable. Nightwearcan be a great way to sharpen up your look on those days and nights indoors. You also have a huge range of styles and designs to choose from, perfect for drifting away to sleep or even popping to the shops. To help you get to grips with nightwear chic, here are some of our favourite designs.


In our eyes, nothing is sexier than satin, especially when it comes to nightwear looks. Satin designs are probably one of the more classic nightwear styles out there and, thankfully, they also happen to be super comfy too. From hearty, bold red colours to more subtle, neutral tones, your options in the fashion industry are limitless. A neutral set normally works perfect with some shorts and can provide that classiness you may be looking for. A satin robe is another classic traditional look, making you feel like a ‘50s movie star. Feeling a bit bolder? Gorgeous bright colours also work brilliantly with a satin texture and, when combined with floral patterns, can really bring out the best in your features. Ultimately, the options are endless when it comes to satin, so there’s no doubt that you will be spoiled for choice.


Another sophisticated, traditional nightwear style is lace. Combining a contemporary charm with traditional sophistication, lace nightwear designs could give you the perfect balance that you’re looking for. Fusing these two looks means that lace nightwear is also always on-trend and gives you a fashionable look all year round. Remember – a lace design doesn’t mean that your whole nightwear look has to be made from lace. Even a small bit of lace on your nightwear look can make a huge difference, as you can see on plenty of pyjama sets out there. For women looking for something a little special, lace designs are the way to go.

Leopard print

Whether you want to make the night a bit wilder or just add some wildness to your overall look, leopard prints are a brilliant choice. These designs are able to add a certain personality to your nightwear look, while still keeping things at a certain level of sophistication. Leopard prints are the perfect example of this, especially when meant with a wonderfully smooth satin texture. If you’re looking for something even more playful, there are plenty of out-there animal and floral designs to brighten things up. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with adding some gorgeous animal prints to your nighttime wardrobe.

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