The Power of a ‘Smile’: Singer Jasmine Jordan On Her Musical Message of Self-Love

Singer Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan’s smile is electric — and contagious. If you watch the up and coming singer belt out notes on her most recent music video, charmingly titled “Smile”, you’d understand why. Jordan, who was raised in Washington state but currently resides in L.A., came onto the music scene in 2014 after dropping her debut EP Time TravelAt the time, Jordan was working hard to transition from being a student to working on music while having a corporate job.

“I remember waking up every day feeling a sense of emptiness because I was no longer pursuing and doing music every day, which I had already determined was a clear part of my purpose,” she told “But God had a plan and I kept pushing. I started making it a priority to do something with music every single week. I found a home church and then started meeting other artists and networking in this amazing city filled with so many different people.”

After reconnecting with her passion, Jordan decided to release the upbeat, jazzy tune “Smile”. The soulstress hopes that the optimistic song will help remind people to not allow the valleys in their lives to outshine the peaks. She talks with BAUCE about the power of self-love and what it takes to get started in the music industry.

BAUCE:When did you start singing? What is it that you love about music?

Jasmine:  I started singing at the age of two. My mom has the video footage to prove it! I love that music has the ability to make you feel. It can take you back to a specific place in your life, it can make you happy and want to dance, it can give you that extra encouragement you need to move on, it can help you feel the raw emotion you may be having a hard time communicating with words. Music really is a universal language and that is real power.

BAUCE: What do you feel is the most authentic part of your music?

Jasmine:  The most authentic part of my music would have to be my lyrics and the place that my lyrics come from. It’s all based on my experiences, my interactions, different relationships that have caused me to feel a particular way, learn a specific lesson or just inspired me in some way.

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BAUCE: Did you write the song “Smile”? What inspired you to write the song?

Jasmine:  I did write the song Smile along with my friend Joshua Washington, who wrote the bridge. I was inspired to write this song after hearing some stories of different youth at my church. I was inspired by the fact that people all over the world, at different phases in life and at all ages, have dealt or are dealing with insecurities and what I call the “down seasons” life sometimes brings. I knew I needed to send a message of hope and write a song of encouragement for all people. Including myself!



BAUCE: What is your favorite lyric from the song “Smile”?

Jasmine:  I would have to say “don’t give up on you” from the chorus is my favorite lyric. It’s simple but it’s BIG! The only person that can make you stop, that can give up on you, your dreams, goals, aspirations is YOU. You are worth fighting for! And if nobody else knows that, YOU have to know it and believe it. You are worth not giving up on.

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BAUCE: Why do you feel self-love is so important?

Jasmine:  Self-love is so important because that determines every other negative or positive thing that you allow in your space and life. The way you feel about and treat yourself will directly impact who you allow in your life, the way you allow others to treat you, the way you treat others and how you handle life in general.

BAUCE: What teachable moment have you gone through in your life that taught you about the power of self-love?

Jasmine:  Man, tough question because there are so many! I will say that heartbreak and loving the wrong person has taught
me a lot about self-love. It has done that by forcing me to deal with insecurities I didn’t even realize existed until I sat down with myself and dealt with the reasons I stayed with someone who made me feel less than.

BAUCE: What have been your biggest challenges as an up and coming artist

Credit: Jasmine Jordan

Credit: Jasmine Jordan

so far?

Jasmine:  I would say remaining patient has sometimes been challenging. I mean honestly, it sometimes still is! When you put in so much time, energy, money and heart into what you are passionate about, it can be discouraging not to yield the results at the exact moment you want or expect it. But, I remind myself in those moments to embrace the journey and to stay focused on MY journey!

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BAUCE: What would be your advice to other young women looking to enter into the music business?

Jasmine:  I would tell other young women to be true to themselves, to not feel pressured to fit a mold and to keep your eyes on your road and your journey. I think that way too often we compare our journeys and lives to our peers to the right and left of us. While you can be inspired or encouraged by others who are doing something you admire or want to get into, remember that you don’t know their personal journey and your purpose can truly only be fulfilled by YOU. “Keep your head up, don’t let up, keep moving, don’t give up on you,” as I say in “Smile.”

To support and follow Jasmine Jordan on her music journey, follow her on the interwebs: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. You can also support her as an artist as she works to release other upcoming singles by purchasing one of her “Smile” t-shirts or by seeing her live on her upcoming Things Change tour.

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